Whom Shall I Send?

Have you heard the Lord calling you? This summer, Harvesters helped 34 people answer that call in Kenya, East Africa. It is the desire of Harvesters to assist churches in preparing groups for short-term mission trips. Thirteen members of the summer work team went to Chemoligot Orphanage to assist with construction projects and to share the love of the Lord with the children and villagers. Fifteen people, all from Michigan, headed to Kodich Orphanage where they completed construction projects and ministered to the people through the Gospel.

Many people make excuses for why they can’t answer the call. Isaiah made no excuses; he accepted the commission to be used by God. This summer, as with all our mission trips, the groups were varied. There were college students, newly weds, people from all walks of life and church staff. God chooses each person for a different reason, but all have a common calling – to share the Gospel message with the lost.

The two construction teams worked hard in the blazing heat, shared prayer and meals. They gave their hearts to the fatherless and were blessed in more ways than they ever believed possible. They stepped out in faith to answer the call and the Lord equipped them to accomplish the tasks He set before them.

The third group of six left for Kenya on the 2nd of August. This was a vision team that spent a couple of days at several different locations capturing an overview of the different ministries that Harvesters International Missions is involved in throughout the country. This group ranged in age from 14 to 80. They visited both East and West Pokot and then proceeded to Migori where they stayed at Grace Outreach Ministries’ orphanage compound. They put many dusty miles on the vehicles, as it is a long days’ travel between each of the locations. At each stop along the way they had an opportunity to encourage the believers and to learn more about the various outreach ministries each location offers to share the Gospel.

Does any of this sound interesting to you? Have your heard that wee small voice calling you? If so, there is still an opportunity to join Harvesters on a short-term mission trip in 2008. In October Harvesters will again return to Kenya and the Pokot with a medical/evangelism team. This team is scheduled to depart October 4th and return on October 18th.

People walk days when they know that a medical team is coming. During the periods when they wait to be seen, there are opportunities to share the Gospel. You do not have to have medical training to participate in this team – there are many jobs that non-medically trained people can do and everyone can share the love of the Lord.

Maybe Africa isn’t your heartbeat. How about one of the holiest Hindu cities? From Nov. 5-20th 2008 we will be traveling to Burma (Myanmar) for a few days to visit an orphanage that was destroyed by the Cyclone at the beginning of May. From there it is onto Hyderabad, India to visit a Bible School and then to Ujjain where our ministry partners operate two school complexes. We will have a chance to encourage our Christian sisters and brothers serving in this densely populated land. It is the “cool” season, so it is an ideal time to travel to India.

The majority of full-time missionaries on the field today began with a short-term mission trip – just ask our staff – we all did! The Lord can open your eyes in unique ways once you have been obedient to His call and then He equips you to share with others. Harvesters would love to partner with your church in helping to grow your missions program.