Rising Prices & Political Unrest

Each day our news is filled with reports of rising fuel and food prices. For some of us, these increases have hit home, making it more expensive and, thus, more difficult to get to and from work and to feed our families. Some of you may have decided to go on vacation a little closer to home or, maybe, forego a vacation all together.

The increases that we are experiencing are being felt worldwide. In most parts of the world, food is difficult to come by in the first place and a small increase in the price of it often means the difference between having and not having food.

By all estimates, the world food situation will continue to deteriorate and relief agencies like the World Food Programme will continue to be strained to the breaking point as they respond to an increasing number of situations around the world.

Kenya is one of those places. The endemic food shortage has been exacerbated this year by inadequate rains and political unrest that disrupted distribution routes and forced farmers to watch their crops rot in the fields.

Pokot Outreach cares for more than 400 children at three orphanages throughout East and West Pokot. Providing food and clothing for the children has always been a challenge. The current prices on the world market have hit the people of Kenya hard, making it even more difficult to survive. The price of a bag of beans has risen nearly 300% in less than a year.

On a recent visit to the U.S., Pastor Julius Murgor reported of the ministry’s struggle to provide even basic food and clothing for the children. He reported this not as a means of garnering pity or inspiring guilt in his audience. Rather, he said it in his matter of fact way of recounting how the Lord continues to provide for the needs of the children and those involved in the ministry.

His account of the situation brings to light a need of utmost importance that we feel needs immediate attention. The need is for financial assistance for the purpose of caring for the basic needs of the children under the care of the Pokot Outreach Ministry in Kenya.

Please consider helping us respond to this situation. A situation that has been made more pressing by the economic and political environments far removed the Pokot. As you feel the impact of rising food and fuel costs, please think of and consider assisting those a world away in the name of a God that transcends countries, color and economics.