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Our mission is to participate in the Great Commission by assisting, supporting, and encouraging national missionary initiative at the local level.

We accomplish our goals in partnership with ministries that are locally led and Serving Their Own Communities in Africa and Asia. With an intrinsic understanding of local language, culture, and customs, they are best able to provide the day-to-day delivery of our Holistic approach to ministry that seeks to meet the spiritual needs of their community through church-planting and evangelism, and the physical needs through orphan care, water, education, and other relevant Long-Term efforts. 

Harvesters’ role includes Equipping our partners through fund management, training, fundraising and advising. Likewise, we are a bridge of Communication with donors regarding progress, opportunities and celebrations of success. Harvesters brings strategic Acountability through project management, updates, financial reporting and regular visits to the field by our staff. 

The results are encouraging. Donors gain Confidence that their support is being used in an Effective, Efficient way. Success for us is measured in lives that have been Transformed by choosing to become followers of Jesus, communities experiencing a Better Quality of Life as their physical needs are met, and ministry partners who are Thriving in their spiritual and emotional well-being.

Our Initiatives

where we work

We are privileged to partner with indigenous ministries throughout East Africa and Asia. The leadership of each ministry has a local or regional vision and a plan to reach an entire people group or region with the gospel of Jesus Christ through a holistic strategy of culturally-appropriate ministry.

make a difference

With your prayers and donations, our partners are empowered to be agents of change in their communities. You can be part of our mission to spread the Gospel, serve others, and build community.     

A Story of Faith and Triumph

For 11-year-old Donatha and her grandfather, John, the impacts of the Gospel and the love shown by the local church have been tremendous. The story starts with John and his years of heavy drinking and poor choices that resulted in great hardship for his family. His actions included selling the family’s property over time without telling his wife, Mary. The land he sold had been used to grow bananas for both food and to provide income for the family. Sadly, John used the money generated from selling the property to support his addiction to alcohol. Eventually, he became unable to provide even the most basic necessities for those who were depending on him. Adding to their difficulties was the death of both his daughter and son-in-law, leaving young Donatha in the care of her already struggling grandparents. Donatha was unable to attend school due to her grandparent’s inability to pay the required fees and often found herself lacking food.   

After hearing the Gospel, John began to sometimes attend the Seira Community Church in his village of Jarama, Rwanda; however, he refused to become a follower of Christ and still continued to drink heavily. Faithfully, the local pastor and other members of the church expressed their love and concern for him and his family. They would visit John to encourage and pray with him and simply assure him that God cared about his life. In 2019, a group of Harvesters’ supporters funded the distribution of goats to several needy Jarama families including John’s. Then, in January 2020, members of a short-term team who had visited Jarama a few months earlier provided the school fees for Donatha and other poor area children to attend school. These expressions of kindness further touched John and drew him towards a relationship with God. 

In July 2020, Pastor Mutabaruka Aphrodis of SCC did a series of messages broadcast via phone. All churches were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but local pastors took their phones into safe locations and invited a few neighbors to hear the live messages being broadcast over the phone’s speaker. John attended one of these “services” and responded by committing his life to Jesus. He has since stopped drinking and does all he can to provide for his family’s needs. Life has truly changed for John, Mary, and Donatha. Everyone at Harvesters is thankful for the Gospel and the faithful witness of the believers in Jarama, along with the supporters who helped provide for this family’s needs. 


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