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Our mission is to participate in the Great Commission by assisting, supporting, and encouraging national missionary initiative at the local level.

We accomplish our goals in partnership with ministries that are locally led and Serving Their Own Communities in Africa and Asia. With an intrinsic understanding of local language, culture, and customs, they are best able to provide the day-to-day delivery of our Holistic approach to ministry that seeks to meet the spiritual needs of their community through church-planting and evangelism, and the physical needs through orphan care, water, education, and other relevant Long-Term efforts. 

Harvesters’ role includes Equipping our partners through fund management, training, fundraising and advising. Likewise, we are a bridge of Communication with donors regarding progress, opportunities and celebrations of success. Harvesters brings strategic Acountability through project management, updates, financial reporting and regular visits to the field by our staff. 

The results are encouraging. Donors gain Confidence that their support is being used in an Effective, Efficient way. Success for us is measured in lives that have been Transformed by choosing to become followers of Jesus, communities experiencing a Better Quality of Life as their physical needs are met, and ministry partners who are Thriving in their spiritual and emotional well-being.

Our Initiatives

We feel strongly that children and young people should be equipped to rise above their circumstances and have the tools they need to become productive members of their communities.

Education is a key element of our partners’ holistic strategy in helping individuals reach their full potential. To achieve this, they operate schools, training centers and Bible colleges. In other locations, students are assisted with school fees, obtaining required uniforms and transportation to and from school. Each partner is different, but each has the goal of helping people develop into the men and women that God intended them to be.


It’s easy to take medical care for granted.  Many of our partners work in areas that lack roads, sanitation, and electricity, making adequate health care a challenge and in many places, nonexistent.  Even when available, getting medical attention is often difficult due to poverty.

Several of our partners engage in medical initiatives including the operation of mobile and permanent clinics, pharmacies and also covering the cost of needed treatments in local hospitals and facilities. The results are truly life-changing, especially for those who would otherwise not have access to medical care.

As with all our humanitarian efforts, no one is denied help due to their religious or ethnic background. Rather, everyone is served with compassion by ministry staff who use difficult cultural or religious situations to build bridges to people and communities rather than to erect walls.


Seeking opportunities to tell people of God’s love, encouraging them to begin their relationship with Christ, and then teaching them to live life in the way He showed us in His Word is at the heart of everything Harvesters and our partners do each day. 

The process of evangelism takes many shapes. Efforts include quiet door-to-door outreach in restricted areas, establishing “preaching points” where evangelists speak to those who gather, as well as large-scale events held in city streets and rural fields. Likewise, showing love through meeting people’s material needs opens doors to share the Gospel. The Jesus Film is also a wonderful tool used to capture people’s attention and inform them of Jesus’ life and purpose.  

Establishing churches where believers can regularly gather to worship and be taught from the Bible is recognized as essential to fulfilling the command of Jesus to “go and make disciples”. This happens under trees, in homes, and in buildings solely dedicated for that purpose. 

Continually training and equipping evangelists and pastors is likewise an essential element of successful outreach and church planting.


Children are precious in the sight of the Lord! Sadly, there are regions of the world where the smallest and most vulnerable are often among the most neglected. Harvesters is dedicated to providing for those at-risk children. Whether it’s feeding children in dire need of nourishment, educating those that otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend school, or providing a safe and loving home, each child is loved and valued.

Harvesters’ child sponsorship program – Project Hope 127 – provides children with an education, nourishing food, a safe home, and an opportunity to hear the Gospel. Investing in the future of these children offers a sure footing for the continued sharing of the Gospel among the many people groups we work with globally.


In many parts of the world, women are regarded as property and their lives are minimized. They are denied rights to education and security and face extreme forms of abuse including forced marriages and female genital mutilation. Our partners are committed to empowering women to reach their full potential and to be confident in their value to God and in society.

Our partners focus on spiritual development and have also created programs to help women achieve economic stability, fellowship with other women, and the dignity that comes with being able to help provide for their families. We are also thankful for the impact of the Gospel as male disciples experience positive changes in how they view women. 


Water is life!  Without clean water, sickness occurs and lives are cut short. With clean water, communities have an opportunity to thrive, water-borne diseases are reduced, infant mortality is lowered, and hours previously spent each day seeking water can be dedicated to other needed tasks. Ready access to clean water brings stability and hope for a better future. Few things result in the joy and excitement that occur when the first sprays of water erupt from a well being drilled. 

Drilling a well is just the beginning. Our partners are engaged with local leaders to empower them with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage and maintain their new well. 

Likewise, clean drinking water opens the door to share the love of Christ. It is often the first step to further building the community with the establishment of a church and school.

Wells Drilled Since 2012:


where we work

We are privileged to partner with indigenous ministries throughout East Africa and Asia. The leadership of each ministry has a local or regional vision and a plan to reach an entire people group or region with the gospel of Jesus Christ through a holistic strategy of culturally-appropriate ministry.

make a difference

With your prayers and donations, our partners are empowered to be agents of change in their communities. You can be part of our mission to spread the Gospel, serve others, and build community.