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Our mission is to participate in the Great Commission by assisting, supporting, and encouraging national missionary initiative at the local level.

We accomplish our goals in partnership with ministries that are locally led and Serving Their Own Communities in Africa and Asia. With an intrinsic understanding of local language, culture, and customs, they are best able to provide the day-to-day delivery of our Holistic approach to ministry that seeks to meet the spiritual needs of their community through church-planting and evangelism, and the physical needs through orphan care, water, education, and other relevant Long-Term efforts. 

Harvesters’ role includes Equipping our partners through fund management, training, fundraising and advising. Likewise, we are a bridge of Communication with donors regarding progress, opportunities and celebrations of success. Harvesters brings strategic Acountability through project management, updates, financial reporting and regular visits to the field by our staff. 

The results are encouraging. Donors gain Confidence that their support is being used in an Effective, Efficient way. Success for us is measured in lives that have been Transformed by choosing to become followers of Jesus, communities experiencing a Better Quality of Life as their physical needs are met, and ministry partners who are Thriving in their spiritual and emotional well-being.

Our Initiatives

We feel strongly that children and young people should be equipped to rise above their circumstances and have the tools they need to become productive members of their communities.

Education is a key element of our partners’ holistic strategy in helping individuals reach their full potential. To achieve this, they operate schools, training centers and Bible colleges. In other locations, students are assisted with school fees, obtaining required uniforms and transportation to and from school. Each partner is different, but each has the goal of helping people develop into the men and women that God intended them to be.


It’s easy to take medical care for granted.  Many of our partners work in areas that lack roads, sanitation, and electricity, making adequate health care a challenge and in many places, nonexistent.  Even when available, getting medical attention is often difficult due to poverty.

Several of our partners engage in medical initiatives including the operation of mobile and permanent clinics, pharmacies and also covering the cost of needed treatments in local hospitals and facilities. The results are truly life-changing, especially for those who would otherwise not have access to medical care.

As with all our humanitarian efforts, no one is denied help due to their religious or ethnic background. Rather, everyone is served with compassion by ministry staff who use difficult cultural or religious situations to build bridges to people and communities rather than to erect walls.


Seeking opportunities to tell people of God’s love, encouraging them to begin their relationship with Christ, and then teaching them to live life in the way He showed us in His Word is at the heart of everything Harvesters and our partners do each day. 

The process of evangelism takes many shapes. Efforts include quiet door-to-door outreach in restricted areas, establishing “preaching points” where evangelists speak to those who gather, as well as large-scale events held in city streets and rural fields. Likewise, showing love through meeting people’s material needs opens doors to share the Gospel. The Jesus Film is also a wonderful tool used to capture people’s attention and inform them of Jesus’ life and purpose.  

Establishing churches where believers can regularly gather to worship and be taught from the Bible is recognized as essential to fulfilling the command of Jesus to “go and make disciples”. This happens under trees, in homes, and in buildings solely dedicated for that purpose. 

Continually training and equipping evangelists and pastors is likewise an essential element of successful outreach and church planting.


Children are precious in the sight of the Lord! Sadly, there are regions of the world where the smallest and most vulnerable are often among the most neglected. Harvesters is dedicated to providing for those at-risk children. Whether it’s feeding children in dire need of nourishment, educating those that otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend school, or providing a safe and loving home, each child is loved and valued.

Harvesters’ child sponsorship program – Project Hope 127 – provides children with an education, nourishing food, a safe home, and an opportunity to hear the Gospel. Investing in the future of these children offers a sure footing for the continued sharing of the Gospel among the many people groups we work with globally.


In many parts of the world, women are regarded as property and their lives are minimized. They are denied rights to education and security and face extreme forms of abuse including forced marriages and female genital mutilation. Our partners are committed to empowering women to reach their full potential and to be confident in their value to God and in society.

Our partners focus on spiritual development and have also created programs to help women achieve economic stability, fellowship with other women, and the dignity that comes with being able to help provide for their families. We are also thankful for the impact of the Gospel as male disciples experience positive changes in how they view women. 


Water is life!  Without clean water, sickness occurs and lives are cut short. With clean water, communities have an opportunity to thrive, water-borne diseases are reduced, infant mortality is lowered, and hours previously spent each day seeking water can be dedicated to other needed tasks. Ready access to clean water brings stability and hope for a better future. Few things result in the joy and excitement that occur when the first sprays of water erupt from a well being drilled. 

Drilling a well is just the beginning. Our partners are engaged with local leaders to empower them with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage and maintain their new well. 

Likewise, clean drinking water opens the door to share the love of Christ. It is often the first step to further building the community with the establishment of a church and school.

Wells Drilled Since 2012:


where we work

We are privileged to partner with indigenous ministries throughout East Africa and Asia. The leadership of each ministry has a local or regional vision and a plan to reach an entire people group or region with the gospel of Jesus Christ through a holistic strategy of culturally-appropriate ministry.

make a difference

With your prayers and donations, our partners are empowered to be agents of change in their communities. You can be part of our mission to spread the Gospel, serve others, and build community.     

ministry focus

Mr. and Mrs. Jones (names are withheld for their protection) have ministered to the underground church in Asia for nearly 20 years.


The number of Believers has multiplied exponentially in this part of the world creating an insatiable need for Qualified Leaders. The focus of China Sees is to encourage and equip nationals to reach nationals.

They draw purpose and inspiration from the Apostle Paul’s instruction to the Ephesian church leadership to use their spiritual gifts for the Equipping of the Saints for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ. In both rural and city settings,

Mr. and Mrs. Jones are Equipping House Church Leaders and encouraging church planting efforts “in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and the ends of the earth.” By God’s grace, many Asian nationals have been trained and deployed in lay leadership roles — and are now training others to be disciples who make disciples.

ministry focus


Pastor “Ben”, who grew up as an orphan in a remote area of Myanmar, founded Fellowship Bible Church in 2010 with a strong desire to share the Gospel in his overwhelmingly Buddhist nation. 


With a vision to equip and send Church Planters throughout the country, Pastor Ben established Myanmar Bible College (MBC) to train evangelists, pastors, and other ministry workers. In 2020, MBC was relocated to a permanent campus, opening the door for its continued growth and impact.

Pastor Ben’s background as a needy orphan has led his ministry to provide full-time Care for Over 100 At-Risk Children. Some of the children live in a home on the MBC campus while others reside with the families of pastors and church members in other locations.

Recent instability resulting from the military’s forceful retaking of control of the national government has created challenges but not diminished Pastor Ben’s dedication to spread the Gospel throughout Myanmar.

ministry focus


Led by Kamlesh and his wife Ranu, Good Samaritan Sewa Kendra (GSSK) operates two schools serving nearly 400 students from preschool through 8th grade.   They serve in an area with an intense Hindu influence and scarce Christian presence.  

ministry focus

The ministry was founded over 40 years ago by Ranu’s parents as a medical mission. Today, GSSK provides both a Quality Education and an opportunity for their students to learn about Christ. Most of these children are impoverished and belong to the lower caste. They would most likely never obtain any education and would probably never Hear the Gospel without the work of GSSK. The ministry is currently expanding its facility, adding classroom space for additional students.

Beyond educating children, Kamlesh and Ranu work alongside a pastor to Teach God’s Word to local adults. This is done in home-based small group settings.

Hope for Life (HFL) equips Christian couples in eastern Russia to care for orphans in their own homes and family settings.  Often these are abused or discarded children who, without the intervention of HFL, would spend their young lives in orphanages operated by the Russian government.  Zhanna Markina directs activities locally in Russia.


The HFL house parents Care for the Orphan’s Physical and Spiritual Needs, just as they do for their own children. A family setting and structure is, of course, the most effective ways to nurture Godly children. The house parents teach the children the Word of God on a daily basis and ensure they are active in a local church.

HFL also sponsors many additional orphans and at-risk children to attend a Christian Summer Camp. The experience has been life changing for many of them who often learn of God’s love for the first time while there. Many share with their friends what they have been taught at camp when they return to their orphanages.

ministry focus


Kerith Ministry, Uganda

Pastor Samuel and his wife Mercy were both born and raised in Uganda.  They founded and lead Kerith Ministry in Pallisa with a love for people and an evangelistic passion that shapes their humanitarian and spiritual work each day.


Kerith provides full-time care for over 30 Orphans and At-Risk Children. Many of them were rescued for extremely difficult circumstances to now be loved, cared for and well educated. Outreach Events and Establishing New Churches is an ongoing priority for Pastor Sam and Mercy.  Their efforts have led to ___ churches in both their own region and beyond to unreached areas of Uganda. The recent completion of their new Skills Training Center and Kerith’s Micro Finance program continues to grow their capacity to Equip and Empower Women to care for themselves and their families. Their ability to Educate Children grew in 2021 with the expansion of the Kerith Primary and Secondary school to serve ___ students. Medical Care for the community is offered at their clinic located on the ministry compound. Water Initiatives and Well Drilling have improved the lives of entire communities and opened doors to share the Gospel. Growing vegetables, fruits and fish at the Ministry’s Farm has proven to be both a money saving and income producing venture. Recent addition of an irrigation system has enhanced crop yields.

Pakistan is consistently one of the worst countries worldwide for the persecution of Christians. Over 96% of the people are Muslim, making evangelism both desperately needed and extremely difficult.  Security issues impact nearly every aspect of ministry in Pakistan.


Harvesters International’s Pakistani partner, Omega Ministries, is engaged in Spreading the Gospel through a network of local pastors and churches. Shakeel and Christopher, who lead Omega, Train, Encourage and Equip the ministry’s pastors and organize outreach events intended to both strengthen believers and reach those who are not followers of Christ.

Establishing New Churches in areas with little or no Christian presence is an ongoing effort. Often, small gatherings in homes provide the sole opportunity for corporate worship and teaching.

ministry focus


Pokot Outreach Ministries, led by Reuben Meriakol, was founded over 25 years ago to share the love of God with the Pokot people who live in some of the harshest conditions imaginable. 


Sharing the Gospel is at the heart of everything that POM does. Training indigenous pastors and evangelists to reach new areas and Establish Churches is joined with efforts to make Disciples who, in turn, make other disciples.

An extreme lack of clean water is a daily challenge for the Pokot people. Funding the Installation of Wells has resulting in hundreds of thousands of lives being substantially improved, communities stabilized and development occurring. An openness to the Gospel often occurs when water is provided.

Dealing with the harsh practices of Female Genital Mutilation, forced marriage and other Issues Impacting Women has opened doors to reflect Jesus’ model of empowering females in a culture that can be oppressive to them. Teaching Both Men and Women about the resulting harm and injustices of certain practices is bringing positive change.

Many children in Pokot are orphaned or cannot be properly cared for by their families. POM operates three Children’s Homes which care for more than 800 children. These children experience God’s love and are provided with food, clothing, shelter, education.

Although primary Education is free, it is not always easily accessible in Pokot. The children in POM’s Children’s Homes are ensured to attend primary school. Many, through Sponsorship, are also able to complete secondary school and sometimes even a University-level education.

ministry focus


Rueben Meriakol is a leader who was trained by Julius Murgor of Pokot Outreach Ministries (POM) in Kenya.  In 2014, Reuben was sent to extend the work of POM into South Sudan. The area he serves has been decimated by civil war and other unrest.


Equipping Local Pastors and Leaders among the tribes of southeastern South Sudan is a priority for Reuben. God has blessed this effort with a number of faithful men and women now engaged in the ministry’s ongoing work.

Reuben’s strategy to develop Mission Hubs from which to reach the surrounding areas is taking shape well. These centers of activity are being equipped with buildings as well as leaders to facilitate training and support for pastors to establish Preaching Points and New Churches.

Meeting the people’s great Material Needs became essential as a result of COVID-19’s extreme impact on food supplies. POM South Sudan distributed crop seeds and food helping to avoid hunger for many thousands of people. In 2021, the ministry’s first Well Installation was completed in order to bring Clean, Reliable Water to a village in need.

ministry focus


Founded in 2012 by Pastor Mutabaruka Aphrodis, Seira Community Churches (SCC) began with a heart to reach the people of Rwanda with the Gospel and disciple those who desire to be followers of Christ. 


Overcoming barriers to Educating Children is important to Pastor Aphrodis. Harvesters supports his work in this area by funding school fees and other costs for orphans to attend school.In 2021, SCC began operating a primary school for nearly 700 students in a remote area of Rwanda.

In many areas of Rwanda, people have no other choice but to retrieve dirty water each day from streams and lakes to supply their family’s needs. SCC’s successful efforts to bring Clean Water to communities is resulting in better health and more available time each day for people to focus on other vital activities such as farming.

Rwanda has a sad history of violence and division. SCC recognizes that sharing God’s Love and helping people become Authentic Followers of Jesus is the only way to bring spiritual, emotional and relational healing. Leading Thriving Churches is the key strategy Pastor Aphrodis uses to make these things happen in his country.

SCC reflects the love of God in practical ways through Equipping and Empowering Women and Communities through skills training, livestock programs and other initiatives.

In 1993, Pastor Rajendra (Raj) Kumar Yellamelli established Sion Assembly Church (SAC) in Vijayawada. He continues to lead the ministry today.


Training and Equipping Pastors is a primary aspect of Pastor Raj’s work. He operates a Bible Training School to educate and encourage leaders, teachers and pastors who will Plant Churches and Disciple Others in an area that is 91% Hindu and 7% Muslim.

The material needs in the Vijayawada area are great.  COVID-19 and the resulting lockdowns amplified an already harsh situation leading to even more Hunger and Homelessness. SAC continues to respond with regular Feeding Programs for struggling people of all ages.

Dynamic Outreach Events, regular television broadcasts and social media are tools used by SAC to share the Gospel, reaching those who have not heard of God’s love and encouraging followers of Christ.

Caring for Orphans and Widows is a greatly needed ministry to serve the most vulnerable of people. SAC provides assistance to numerous widows from their churches and also operates an Orphanage in a nearby community.

ministry focus


Updates for Union of Baptist Churches

Located in a vast region that struggles with ongoing violence, poverty, and suffering, Pastor Athanase Habimana leads the Union of Baptist Churches (UBC) addressing both the spiritual and physical needs of thousands.


Training Evangelists, Church Planters, and Pastors to regularly Establish New Churches and disciple new believers is a ministry priority. Currently, the UBC consists of over 300 churches and 200 pastors scattered throughout the eastern D.R. Congo.

Long-term violence and other factors have resulted in large numbers of children in desperate need of help. The ministry’s Care for Orphans is growing with the addition of a second orphanage in 2021 that will provide a loving home, food, and education to children who would otherwise face destitution.

The UBC currently operates numerous Primary and Secondary Schools serving over 15,000 students and helping meet the desperate need for education which exists in their region. Conflict and poverty have also resulted in many Widows living in challenging circumstances. The UBC serves them both spiritually and materially with programs that both encourage and empower them and help to meet their needs.

The Voice of Comfort Radio is a new effort with great results. The broadcasts are reaching a large area with the Gospel and also include Biblical encouragement for married couples, children and other quality programming.

A Life Rewritten By Love

Daily beatings by his drunken father were the reality of Karthic’s early life.  When he was five years old his father attempted to murder his mother and was sent to prison. For the next several years, she struggled to care for her three children, and there were many days with no food for them to eat. At age seven, Karthic took desperate action to help his younger brother and sister survive. He began stealing food and money to meet their needs. Soon, the police became involved, and he found himself terrified and in trouble. Ravanamma, a neighbor who attends the Sion Assembly Church reached out to the family and before long, Karthic and his siblings moved to SAC’s Children’s Home. 

There they are loved, well-fed, and cared for daily. Karthic is now a well-mannered 14-year-old who does well in school, loves God, and desires to one day be a Pastor. He is also very artistic and enjoys painting. His life story has truly been rewritten through the loving actions of SAC Ministries and their supporters who make their ministry possible.    

In 2021, the Indian government notified Pastor Rajendra that their dormitory had to be modified to meet new guidelines. Thankfully, the ministry owned property nearby and began plans for a new boy’s dormitory. The new facility will meet all regulations and allow SAC to serve more children in the future.   Construction is almost complete. This new dorm will house up to 35 boys with the new space essentially doubling their overall capacity.

We are thankful for the gifts that have made this project possible so that even more children like Karthic can experience a life story that’s rewritten by love. 


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