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Our mission is to participate in the Great Commission by assisting, supporting, and encouraging national missionary initiative at the local level.

We accomplish our goals in partnership with ministries that are locally led and Serving Their Own Communities in Africa and Asia. With an intrinsic understanding of local language, culture, and customs, they are best able to provide the day-to-day delivery of our Holistic approach to ministry that seeks to meet the spiritual needs of their community through church-planting and evangelism, and the physical needs through orphan care, water, education, and other relevant Long-Term efforts. 

Harvesters’ role includes Equipping our partners through fund management, training, fundraising and advising. Likewise, we are a bridge of Communication with donors regarding progress, opportunities and celebrations of success. Harvesters brings strategic Acountability through project management, updates, financial reporting and regular visits to the field by our staff. 

The results are encouraging. Donors gain Confidence that their support is being used in an Effective, Efficient way. Success for us is measured in lives that have been Transformed by choosing to become followers of Jesus, communities experiencing a Better Quality of Life as their physical needs are met, and ministry partners who are Thriving in their spiritual and emotional well-being.

Our Initiatives

where we work

We are privileged to partner with indigenous ministries throughout East Africa and Asia. The leadership of each ministry has a local or regional vision and a plan to reach an entire people group or region with the gospel of Jesus Christ through a holistic strategy of culturally-appropriate ministry.

make a difference

With your prayers and donations, our partners are empowered to be agents of change in their communities. You can be part of our mission to spread the Gospel, serve others, and build community.     

A Life Rewritten By Love

Daily beatings by his drunken father were the reality of Karthic’s early life.  When he was five years old his father attempted to murder his mother and was sent to prison. For the next several years, she struggled to care for her three children, and there were many days with no food for them to eat. At age seven, Karthic took desperate action to help his younger brother and sister survive. He began stealing food and money to meet their needs. Soon, the police became involved, and he found himself terrified and in trouble. Ravanamma, a neighbor who attends the Sion Assembly Church reached out to the family and before long, Karthic and his siblings moved to SAC’s Children’s Home. 

There they are loved, well-fed, and cared for daily. Karthic is now a well-mannered 14-year-old who does well in school, loves God, and desires to one day be a Pastor. He is also very artistic and enjoys painting. His life story has truly been rewritten through the loving actions of SAC Ministries and their supporters who make their ministry possible.    

In 2021, the Indian government notified Pastor Rajendra that their dormitory had to be modified to meet new guidelines. Thankfully, the ministry owned property nearby and began plans for a new boy’s dormitory. The new facility will meet all regulations and allow SAC to serve more children in the future.   Construction is almost complete. This new dorm will house up to 35 boys with the new space essentially doubling their overall capacity.

We are thankful for the gifts that have made this project possible so that even more children like Karthic can experience a life story that’s rewritten by love. 


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