A Different Kind of Tractor Pull

imagesIn 2007, a church in Hickory North Carolina heard from Julius Murgor that a farm tractor would be a tremendous help to the Pokot Outreach Ministry. Intrigued, they asked “if there is so little rain for raising crops, how could a tractor be of use to them.”

Julius described the twenty plus acre plot of land on which the ministry has grown corn (maize) for a number of years. A tractor would save the ministry money in the planting and harvesting of the crops because it will not have to rent equipment or pay someone to do the work for them.

In addition to helping with the farm project, a tractor would be helpful in many other ways. Poor road conditions in the remote areas where water wells are being drilled, mission stations being constructed and orphanages are located makes hiring vehicles to transport supplies to those areas very expensive.

In fact supplies are often delayed for lack of transportation and at times the cost to transport is more than the cost of the supplies being transported.

In late 2007, the Hickory North Carolina church graciously sent $28,000 towards the purchase of the new tractor. This money combined with funds from other donors, provided the $60,000 needed to purchase the tractor.

We are so thankful for each of you who are doing missions with Harvesters and the impact that we can have together in Christ.