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POM – S. Sudan Year End Update


Feeding hungry people has been the primary ministry work of 2020. To date, literally tons of food and seeds have been distributed resulting in thousands of people being blessed with flourishing crops and meals. This has happened through the generosity and prayers of donors in the U.S. We look forward to soon sharing more details and stories of how God has used this effort to not only prevent malnutrition and starvation, but also bring spiritual encouragement to many South Sudanese villagers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Looking ahead to 2021, great opportunities are anticipated as efforts to spread the gospel and bring blessings to as many people as possible move forward. There are several specific items of equipment needed that will enhance and increase impact. The Jesus Film has proven to be a fantastic tool to effectively communicate the love of God to thousands of people in the remote areas served by Reuben and his team and has led to many people now having a relationship with Christ. To expand this effort, the ministry needs additional projectors and sound systems that are especially designed for this use. The systems cost $1,600 each.

Identifying and developing indigenous, South Sudanese ministry leaders is a vital aspect of Harvesters’ long-term strategy. Currently, there are four such leaders that are part of the ministry’s ongoing work whose ability to effectively serve would greatly benefit from advanced biblical training. The cost for them to attend a quality seminary is $1,750 per year. This investment is one of great priority that will result in exponential benefit as these individuals use their gifts to strengthen the many new believers and churches.

Children in South Sudan have experienced great difficulty. A long civil war there has decimated the economy and caused great fear and hardship for essentially every family. Providing support to impoverished children so they can attend school to become literate and well developed is both an act of love and a step towards developing the country. Sending a primary-aged child to school costs $42 per month. POM South Sudan is further engaged in education by supporting the operation of a primary school which had shut down due to the failing government. There are two other schools in communities served by the ministry which need support of approximately $4,950 per year each.