the cord monthly giving program

Join our community of monthly donors bringing change and hope for people in need.

The Cord is a group of compassionate monthly givers who desire to improve the lives of people in Africa and Asia. Your gifts help pave the way for community-based, culturally sensitive efforts that result in lasting material and spiritual transformation. Our daily, on-the-ground work is done by indigenously led ministries serving in their own communities.


Provides a study bible and
materials for an indigenous pastor.


Buys one tank of gasoline for a pastor’s motorcycle so they can share the Gospel.


Will help end FGM by educating one person that it is abusive and dangerous to young girls.


Delivers food for one month to three struggling families.


Gives 120 more people daily access to clean water each year.

This is just an example of the monthly impact resulting from various levels of giving. Your gifts will be used for these and other life changing purposes.

When you are part of The Cord, you are more than a passive donor. You are a change maker, and we want you to know the difference you’re making. You can expect to hear from us regularly with stories and photos of lives you’ve been a part of transforming.

why “the cord”?

A cord is several strands that are woven together resulting in much greater strength and capabilities than the individual fibers. Similarly, donors, Harvesters, and our international partners, working together, are one force capable of great impact. Beyond sharing the Gospel, we work together to create new opportunities and better physical and spiritual lives for those we serve.

What can you make happen?

Providing clean water, empowering women, creating access to education, establishing new communities of believers, and other successes are happening now because of those who are part of The Cord. Any amount makes a difference. Here are just a few examples of the varied impacts your giving can have.


God has been using Harvesters International and our partner ministries to spread the Gospel around the world. Please subscribe to stay up to date on the lives made better through Harvesters.

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