Water shortage in East Pokot District especially in Mondi and Nginyang Divisions was increasing at an alarming rate during the month of January to March, 2012. This was due to siltation and high rates of water evaporation in all the Water Pans, which threaten an estimated 40,000 people who rely on the water pans as the only source of water relied upon by the masses.

The only functional borehole in the entire Mondi Division was Oroo/SDA. Chemoril and Natan boreholes experienced mechanical problems which needed an immediate intervention. The only functional borehole during that period attracted big population and high number of livestock hence a threat to both human and livestock survival as it was also the borehole which was operating at an optimum capacity.

Many families during those three months migrated from their original homes in search of water for domestic and livestock use and at the same time several schools from the affected areas were experiencing low turn up of school going children within the first term since many children have moved with their parents. Riong’o dispensary was at a verge of closure as it was experiencing acute shortage of water.

Moreover, we regard water as a responsibility of public service, not as a resource for the few who can afford to pay.

It is therefore, crucial to note that water for health is a basic need, hence there is need to provide safe and sufficient water in improving sanitation conditions for hygiene practices to all for healthy and promising population. At the same time, water for food, it helps secure food supplies with; 1) efficient irrigation; 2) use of under-utilized natural water resources (ground water, rain harvests, rivers, lakes, and lowland collections); and 3) mitigation of risks by improving water management in communities that suffer chronic drought and /or flooding.

epokdirtywaterWater for the future, there is need to put in place programs to protect watersheds in order to worship with the world, worship resources’ as Jesus stated that ‘give me a drink’ as we study His word.

Water for peace; as God’s servants, we should have always programs which supports the peaceful sharing of water resources. However, water resource governance brings together the uses of water (drinking, food, domestic enterprise, environment, energy) and users of water (neighbors, and communities).

For peaceful coexistence and being the body of Christ we should avoid conflicting demands which may occur or arise, as we support equitable and efficient water sharing and resource management. In adhering to the above statements, we shall be able to make a Christian witness heard in the present and future debate on water issues, raise the awareness of the church on the urgency of the concern and engage as church community in common action at all levels.

Partial solution to the problem:

olddrillingrigIn August a new bore hole was completed in East Pokot. The bore hole was sunk a few meters from the dining hall. This was a great achievement for the home. There are three pumps on the system and it is producing plenty of water. The children are very excited to have fresh water readily available and we are happy to be able to have water for our operations, but there are still a lot of people in East Pokot who are in need of this life source.