Harvesters International Ministries currently has a medical team serving the Pokot tribe in western Kenya. The team of twelve is based out of Alale with mobile medical visits daily to neighboring communities. These teams work in conjunction with local pastors to be able to share the love of Jesus in a tangible way and to provide follow-up for sharing the Gospel with the pastors in the area.

kenyamedical2011For those who are unfamiliar with the Pokot, they are basically a nomadic people who live in an extremely dry area of Kenya that generally only receives on average 3″ of rainfall per year. This is the first year that a medical team has actually been rained out while serving the people, but fortunately it was only for one day. The rains are continuing, which is a blessing to the people, but fortunately they are primarily during the evening hours and do not impact the daily clinics.

A report received yesterday indicated that the team had assist approximately 600 people during their clinic on Saturday. Having served on one of these teams previously, I know how exhausting a day that must have been for them. We would ask that you keep the team in your prayers and that their service would do much to assist the pastors in sharing the Gospel with the people.

If you would like to serve on a medical team, work team or vision team, we would love you to share your God-given talents with our partners in Africa and Asia.