Uganda Update

Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ, I pray that this finds you well we bless the Lord for his protection and provision over your life.

On behave of my family we are so thankful to the Lord for his care upon us, both our sons continues to grow healthy and in the fear of God I also bring greetings for my extended family.

On the behalf of the Ministry I want to thank you so much for your continued prayers, support and taking your time to read our news report. Below are some of the current praise reports and prayer needs.

River of God Church

We want to thank God as a Church for his continued presence, spiritual growth and numerical growth in the past 3 months we have had many people giving their life to Christ and growing spiritually. We have also seen many people discovering their spiritual gifts and talents. In these 3 months we have enjoyed the Ministry of Women and Youths as they minister to us in various ways. Me as a Pastor am so happy and confident of the future church.

The significant Testimony is the Marriage Ministry: As a Church we are committed to preserve families and in May we had Couples fellowship at Pastors house and to many this was very new to them and we are continuing to bond as families each day.

Evangelism/ Church planting

One day while preaching in a Muslim community here, God spoke to me: “You are Satan’s prime-target for destruction, BUT you are my prime-target for protection.” Deep peace flooded my soul. “You shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord.” (Psalm 118, 17) This is true for every child of God. Be strong and take courage.

As you all know that a new Church was started on Easter day all our efforts have been put on this new project. I want to report to you that the church is growing not only in numbers but also spiritually. We have over 50 Children and 39 Adults. As the mother Church we have continued to support the team that is helping the church and the Pastor who travels three times a week. We are so proud of the team. We are now trusting God for a shelter it will cost $500 dollars by Gods grace River of God Church has been able to pay the first installment on the Church land and believing GOD to pay the balance of $300 dollars by Aug.

River of God Christian Academy

In order to promote education in our community and also help children attain quality education , our school has continue to fulfill its vision, We have 208 children in our school and our qualified teachers has continued to work very hard to cause a positive change academically, spiritually and good morals. Last holiday God provided and we were able to put the floors in all our six classes. We believe God for windows and doors. Due to much rain our School Toilet sank in the ground which has caused fears for the life of our Children, it was not constructed for many people and yet the number of the Children is big. The Town Council people advised that we close the school until we have constructed a new Toilet, as I write we have started digging the Pit Latrine that while be strong enough which will last for ages, it is going to cost us $3500 dollars. Please pray for Gods provision we don’t want our Children to be out of school, you can also donate towards this cause.

Kerith Children’s Home

We want to thank God who is continuing to use our home as a refugee and rescue place to the orphans and vulnerable home being the only children‘s home in the whole district we have faced with the high number of Children that do need help but due to our inadequate facility and financial support we can’t meet all the needs. Two weeks ago we brought in three (3) children which made our number to be twenty (20). We want to thank God ever since we started we have never lost a child instead we have saved their lives.

We also want to thank God who has taken us through hard times providing food and medical. We want to report that children are healthy. We thank God for foster Mothers Jane and Loy. We have also been able to resettle our child Mutebi Joshua and Kerith continues to sponsor him at school, medical and food. We thank you for your support towards our children.

Food Bank Project

Last year the Lord provided us with Land for farming. This is the second season we are using it for farming we have maize and beans and we believe during the harvest season our children will enjoy flesh beans and maize will be preserved for Posho. We also planning to put a piggery and rearing of Goats on our farm that well pass to generate income for self sustained ability.


– New Church started

– School Flow fixed for six classes

– More two Children rescued and one resettled.

Prayer needs:

Please pray for this Agent need to a pit latrine

Please know that you are special to us and your prayers, financial support makes a huge difference. We ask you to pray and also find an opportunity to donate any amount you can.

Pastor Samuel Mwesigwa.