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Sion Assembly Church Year End Update


2020 has been particularly difficult for the world’s second most populous nation, India. The COVID-19 shutdowns there happened with essentially no warning and have resulted in overwhelming need. A sharp spike in hunger, homelessness, and other challenges occurred among millions of people who regularly experience economic struggles. Countless workers in India are “day laborers”, earning a meager living performing various jobs they are fortunate enough to locate.

Harvesters’ partner, Sion Assembly Church, has been very active in providing food relief since very early in the crisis. Their feeding effort has taken various forms including providing bulk food to widows and struggling families who attend the church along with delivering hot, individual meals to people now forced to live on the streets. To date, they have served almost 7,000 individual meals.

Pastor Rajendra recently shared that although there are many things that his ministry could be working on, “our top priority in 2021 will be feeding the poor, needy, and hungry”. Thank you for considering supporting this work to share desperately needed food with those facing a very harsh daily reality.