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Omega Ministry Year End Update


God continues to bless Christopher and Shakeel’s work in Pakistan. In 2020, 78 Hindus and Muslims chose to trust in Christ and become His disciples. Many have been baptized. Omega Ministry’s pastors continue to share the gospel and serve their congregations as they also deal with the pandemic and other challenges they face on a daily basis. Being a believer can be very difficult in Pakistan with much opposition and loss of economic opportunity as a result.

The needs of our work in Pakistan remain consistent – support for our 60 pastors and their ministry. Even $50 per month will make a substantial difference in the lives of a pastor’s family. Often, they struggle to pay for housing, the required school fees for their children, and meet other basic necessities. More motorcycles are also needed at a cost of $1,850 each. These are basic equipment for pastors to effectively accomplish their ministry and reach new areas.

Pakistan is over 96% Muslim and obviously has a great need for the gospel. Our prayers are for those who are committed to this cause, and our hope is to see them become better equipped and supported. Thank you for keeping our Pakistani pastors in your prayers and likewise considering their work as you make decisions on your giving.