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Seira Community Churches’ Year End Update


Seira Community Churches continues to grow and do well. Progress in 2020 included a new church that was constructed in the village of Kivu, a new school and educational partnership completed in Rukumberi, and a new water system installed in the village as well. The ministry is successfully recovering from both the impacts of governmental regulations that closed many churches and the pandemic.

Currently, there are still churches that remain closed due to governmental restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Among other things, these churches must upgrade certain aspects of their facilities, such as installing approved hand wash stations, and provide sanitation supplies to members of the congregation. To ensure social distancing, benches are no longer allowed but must be replaced with individual chairs. A total of $4,000 is now needed to meet these requirements so that two of the churches can reopen. We are praying for the availability of the needed funds to allow these congregations to gather for worship, teaching, and fellowship.