Seira Community Church was founded in 2012 to serve the people of Rwanda through evangelism and education.  In four short years, the ministry has grown to 12 churches throughout the country with over 3,500 members.  We have worked diligently to promote unity and reconciliation among the Rwandans and neighboring countries by focusing on solidarity and mutual help.  We provide humanitarian relief to refugee camps as a practical way to show the love of Christ to our neighbors in need.

We want our SIP_9392church communities to be self-supporting.  To that end, we have provided goats to each church for both milk production and breeding for an additional food source.  We seek income generating activities for both the church and its members and emphasize the importance of savings.  This is a new way of thinking as most have never had any extra resources to save.

We strive to promote gender equality within our church and the households of our members.  After many years of violence and strife, we especially want women and girls to realize their true value in Christ.  Empowering women through education is an important part of our ministry.  With a substantial number of widows left to care for their families, training programs were established to offer sewing and basket weaving classes for women.  These new skills allow them to earn an income to support their families.

Through your gifts, we were able to provide transportation for a few of our pastors and add electricity at one of our churches.  You also helped us provide school fees for 60 children that could not afford to attend on their own.  We have also been able to provide clothes and food for almost 50 widows and orphans.

Some of our goals for 2016 include planting two new churches, providing training for our leaders, and holding two crusades.  Please pray for us as we continue our efforts of sharing Christ with the people of Rwanda.