Kerith Ministry Update

By Samuel Mwesigwa

We celebrated ten years of ministry in 2017, and I am pleased to share with you how the Lord has blessed us this year. During the year, we held seven revival meetings, planted one new church, baptized 496 new believers, and held seven Gospel crusades where just over 1,700 people received Jesus Christ as their Savior!! We held our ninth annual believer’s conference, which attracted over 600 people, and held our fifth annual youth camp.

One of the Gospel crusades was held in the village of Kaboloi. The three-day crusade attracted thousands of people and over 600 gave their lives to Christ. As a result, we planted a new church there, and it is growing rapidly. Among the people saved at the crusade was a former witch doctor. He was so radically changed by the power of Jesus that he donated the land where the church is currently meeting! Church members (seen here dedicating the land) have worked together to put up a shelter for the meetings.

In June, the Lord blessed us with three hectares (approximately 7.5 acres) of land for farming, which has been a long-term ministry need. This allows us to grow food for the children living in our children’s home and also provides income through the sale of food to the community. We were also able to begin construction of a permanent school building. The building structure is almost complete, and soon we will begin work inside to finish the classrooms.

Serving in a Muslim community presents a challenge in finding a place to hold a fellowship. Over the last four years, we have been trusting God for a place in the middle of Pallisa where we can hold midday services. With much prayer, the Lord led us to an unfinished building right in the middle of our town. We contacted the owner, and he agreed to rent us the place for $450 per year. It has been three months since the fellowship started. Within a few weeks, the group grew to over 100 people! We meet every weekday for one and a half hours for prayer and studying the Word. Every Friday, we have a two hour prayer meeting aimed at praying that the Lord will save our town.

Since this fellowship (seen left) started, there has been a lot of resistance, but the Lord has helped us to stand amidst it all. The Gospel is preached through our loud speakers and reaches most parts of the town. People can hear our message of hope even if they aren’t physically there. Two former Muslims, and six others, have given their lives to Jesus. This has also grown our church in the area of prayer and commitment to begin more fellowships, since the church is far from the center of town. Our future plan is to buy this property and set up a radio station, which will broadcast the Gospel in eastern Uganda and part of Kenya. We are experiencing revival in our community!

I ask that you pray for our team. Pray for more passion to serve and patience since our staff members are volunteers and don’t receive a monthly wage. I also ask that you pray for the Kerith primary school project that the Lord will give us the right staff and a good environment for our children to study. We are trusting that by the end of this year, the Lord will provide the required funds to complete the building. Finally, please pray for our pastors as they disciple our members and that this would be a year of growth and fruitfulness for the ministry.