We have sta6100600357_a1ab609c9b_zrted a new program called Kollukhedi Child Development Center with 150 students ranging from three to five years of age.  Of the 150 children, 124 are girls.  In Indian villages, daughters are neglected, looked upon as burdens, and married off at a very early age.  We want to empower them to change the course of their lives.  Our Jagat Jyothi School in the same village serves 200 students from preschool to Eighth Grade.  All students are provided with spiritual education, regular curriculum, medical care, lunch, and school uniforms and supplies.

Our main problem is lack of accommodation for all of these students.  We are currently serving these students in two shifts during the day.  In faith, we are looking to the Lord for the needed funds that will allow us to construct additional classrooms.