Never Too Old

s_3_043During a Harvesters Vision Trip to visit and encourage Kamlesh and Ranu of the Good Samaritan Services Center we witnessed the wonderful work of God’s hand.

Over the years, the janitor at the Jagat-Jyoti School (at left) witnessed day after day the lifestyle evangelism of Ranu and Kamlesh. He saw that they had something that he did not. It took many years, but just prior to our visit, this man invited Jesus Christ in to his life.

The gentleman in this picture (at right) celebrated his 75th birthday while we were there. He is a widower and continues to serve as a pastor to three village churches that are located a great distance away from Ranu and Kamlesh.

s_3_022This man is a Christian and oversees one of the church buildings in one of the 15 villages in which Kamlesh and Ranu minister on a regular basis.

One of these men is just beginning his walk with the Lord, while the other continues to faithfully serve. In both case, neither of these men are too old; not too old to start his journey and not too old to continue his journey as an effective ambassador for Christ.

We praise God for giving each of us a purpose for each stage of our lives and that none of us has an expiration date.