We are very happy to share with you what God is doing in our ministry through our evangelism outreach.  We use several different strategies for evangelism:

• Home church groups – We have 76 home churches.  These smaller groups allow members to more easily share what is happening in their lives so that they can pray for each other.

• Church member visits – We visit church members homes and ask them to identify five neighbors that we should visit.  Together we go out to share the Gospel with those neighbors.

• Visits with the sick, elderly, and widows

• Door-to-door evangelism

At the beginning of 2016, we had a vision of starting two more churches in rural areas.  In May, we were able to plant churches in the Nyaruguru and Ngoma Districts.  These churches
already have a combined attendance of almost 300, and the number is increasing each week.

Here in Kigali, our choir recently began holding a bimonthly crusade. We invite two choirs from area churches to participate.  You can imagine how wonderful our worship time is!  The crusades draw a large crowd and many are hearing the Gospel for the first time.  In May, 16 people were saved.

With the support of Harvesters, we recently opened a clean water system at Jarama.  The people were so very happy to see the water near them because they were using the water from the lake that was very dirty and inhabited by crocodiles.  This is helping us in evangelization because many people joined the church and others are still coming.  We pray that God will continue to use this to bring us those that need the living water found in Jesus.