Open Air, Open Hearts

It’s my pleasure to share with you what the Lord is doing in our mission field in the area of evangelism and church planting. I have been involved in evangelism through different methods, such as home visitations, open-air crusades, radio talk shows, and sports.

sam preaching revIn this article, I would like to focus on the open-air crusades.  While this method seems to be costly financially, logistically, and physically, it’s definitely worth the investment!  When planning a crusade, my major target areas are those that are less reached and unreached.  My mission team will make a survey of these locations to determine the needs.  Other times, I am contacted by the area pastors and asked to speak.  In most cases, our church alone cannot meet all the expenses for an open-air crusade, so we do engage our host pastors not only to plan, but also to support the cause financially.

In these open-air crusades, our main goal is to reach out to a large number of people in the shortest time possible. Usually our crusades last between three and seven days. The attendance will range from 1,000 to over 10,000!  Our evaluations have shown that each time we conduct a crusade, a large number of new converts is registered, and churches are revived with boldness to share their faith.  We usually offer discipleship classes during our crusade time.  Many times the crusade will result in a new church plant.  When that occurs, we conduct a three month discipleship program.

Five years ago, during one of our open-air crusades in Pallisa, Hamidah Kirabira, a young Muslim woman, accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior.  She then endured the hostility of her family members.  Through our new convert’s class, she grew stronger.  After a few months, she led one of her sisters to Christ, and then her mother.  Today, out of the seven members of her family, six have come to the knowledge of Christ!  She is now one of the strongest financial supporters for our evangelism campaigns.

Discipleship Class revThree years ago, there was a group of four men that would ride bicycles for 18km (11 miles) to our church.  One day, they asked us to bring a crusade to their village.  After the three-day crusade, they began a church that met under a tree.  The number has since grown from 16 people to between 130 and 150 people each Sunday.  It has now moved from the tree to a permanent building.  Through the church, 130 children from the community receive free, quality education.

We want to thank God for the continued support through Harvesters, which has allowed us to see hundreds of people give their lives to Christ, five church plants, and three schools started with the aim of reaching out to the young generation. May the Lord richly bless you!