Union of Baptist Churches Update

SIP_2012 revThe Union of Baptist Churches is an extensive network of over 200 churches with nearly 13,000 members in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  During 2015, 15 new churches were planted, and over 1,000 new believers were added to the Kingdom!  We are currently training 60 men as pastors and evangelists.

The DR Congo continues to suffer from war and ongoing violence, and the area is plagued by poverty.  In an effort to break that cycle, UBC offers extensive training programs for women, giving them with a way to provide for their families.  Sewing and tailoring classes are offered, as well as animal and agricultural farming.

One major victory of 2015 was the addition of a feeding station for homeless children in Goma.  Because of your generosity, these children are now fed daily, have a warm and safe place to sleep, and are enrolled in school.

Thank you for praying for us as we serve the people on DR Congo!