Raisin’ The Roof In Congo

At Hekima church, 500 people gather at a small, weathered, wood plank structure with seating for maybe only half the congregation and dozens spilling out of the doors and listening through windows. They come hungry for the Gospel and possess a unity of the Spirit and a desire for growth.

The church is vibrant and it is evident that God dwells with the people. The congregation is made up of all age groups and is led by a group of men united in a common vision that above all else, Christ be preached and the church continue to grow in faith and maturity. The people rejoice in God’s gracious provisions and are very generous despite their own needs, giving freely beyond their own means.

Hekimachurch2Outside that small wooden church stands a large block structure. It is a project of those faithful church members and what will become their new meeting place. With no outside assistance, the congregation at Hekima church has given beyond their means and built a church that will comfortably house the 500 people regularly attending church and leave room for further growth.

The new church building has come through much prayer and strong leadership in the Union of Baptist Church of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, of which Hekima is apart of. Construction has definitely been a lengthy and painstaking process but the church family and leadership have continued to walk by faith and trust in God’s provisions.

For some time the skeleton of a church building sat idle and no resources existed to complete final phases of construction. Wooden rafters were exposed to the elements and the leadership began to fear that they would deteriorate resulting in added costs.

The church leadership continued to walk by faith, believing the Lord would finish the work He had started. The Lord heard their prayers because through a series of events and with no outside assistance they have been able to generate the necessary $10,000.00 needed to fully enclose the church building. These funds came through the sale of a separate plot of land, which the church leadership felt would better serve the church sold than kept.

The church building still needs much work before it can replace that old wooden structure. The floor, windows, walls, and so much more still wait to be completed. God’s people at Hekima church still seek Him to provide so that they might have a place to meet and that will show their community what God can do. And in need the people of Hekima church continue to rejoice in God’s gracious provisions.

Hekimachurch“God has helped us a lot and we thank Him for the wonderful work He has done. We believe that God will continue to come near to us because what we are doing is not for our benefit but for His glory.”

If you would like more information on The Union of Baptist Churches of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Hekima church, or how you and your church might partner with them to complete the work that has been started please contact Harvesters for further information. The people of the DRC are hungry for the Gospel and Hekima church is one bright light in a world of darkness.