From The Field-India 8/08

We praise God for Harvesters International for standing by us at all times, during success, joy and also during trials and tribulations. Dear prayer partners we thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support.

Jagat – Jyoti School

DSC00232_articleThis year when we started a new section of our education efforts; we have 130 students (all are non-Christians) on our rolls. We provide them with text books and exercise notebooks. Additionally, we provide them free nutritious food four times a month. Students coming from distant villages are provided with transportation to and from school.

As we said earlier we have 130 students on our roll. But in village school they don’t come regularly. Some of them have to supplement their family income by working during agricultural season and festival. We have four classes- standard I to IV that meets Monday to Saturday. School starts with the prayer at 9 in the morning and goes on until noon. We are altogether four teachers, two of which are Christians, and one Janitor.

You may remember that one of our Jagat – Jyoti school students, Ritesh, fell down and had to be taken to hospital. He had to be in ICU for four days, before he was transferred to a general ward. We were all on our knees in prayer and you also joined us in fervent prayers. Praise the Lord, Ritesh has recovered. It was a real faith- stretching experience for every one.

Another faith building experience was the drilling of our water well. We went up to 350 feet deep with no sign of water. Even at that depth the soil was very dry. The villagers were making fun of us. The bore well digger was discouraging in his report. We kept crying unto the Lord. At the same time you all also joined us.

Just as we hit 356 feet, there was a mighty splash of water to a height of 10 feet. We all shouted for joy and kept praising the Lord! If this not a miracle, we don’t know what a miracle is! To note that our Lord listens to prayers of sinners like us. What a mighty God we have! Praise Him!

The academic year came to a close on April 25, 2008 as we had a meeting of the village leaders, all our staff, students and their parents. What a joy to note that most of the older people joined our students in Christian choruses and prayers!

Jeevan – Jyoti School

We started another school Jeevan Jyoti (Light of Life) in this new academic year 2007-08, located in the southern outskirts of Ujjain town. In this school we have 60 students (All are non Christians). In this school we have 4 staff and classes are from pre- nursery to II standard.

Outreach Ministry

We hired one pastor and two more village evangelical workers who work for Jagat- Jyoti ministry. They all go every week to hold worship services and fellowship. Twice a month we go to villages and join our Pastor and evangelists to have worship with children and adults. Ujjain evangelical work is not so easy. Despite all this, the Lord has enabled us to start Worship Services in two more villages called Dhaturia and Daloda. Praise the Lord!

In His service,
Ranu (Jyotsana) and Kamlesh