Pokot Outreach Ministry Update

Winter greetings to you all from the snowy and icy roads where I am struggling to drive!  I arrived in the US on February 11 and started my ground trips from Texas.  I thought down south was my kind of weather.  Boy was I wrong!


We are experiencing the power of the gospel all over our outreaches.  In December, we had a gathering of over 3,000 people in the northern part of eastern Uganda in Auorkeya Village.  The people walked for many miles from several other villages to come and hear the gospel preached.  These are people who have never heard the gospel because of the hostility towards each other.  Over 400 people received Christ as their Savior.  We thank God that people who sat out in the open and under very hot heat were very patient to listen to the gospel.

From there, we climbed the mountain of Korokow and preached to over 1,000 mountain people.  The mountain people are usually not open to meetings or gatherings.  That great number was really God-made and a good sign of God’s touch on them.  Over 100 people came to know Christ.

Thank you for your prayers for South Sudan.  Reuben is mentoring two men from the community.  They participated in the recent Pastor’s Conference for additional training and were challenged to help continue to the spread of the gospel.


Some of you may have lost your parents when you were young.  You remember how difficult life was, but God’s hand brought you so far.  It is true for us that God has been the Father of the fatherless in Kodich, Kauriong, and Chemolingot orphanages.  He has provided such that these kids are now recognized as the only sure group among the Pokot that can excel in education.  The future is also bright for us as a ministry because it is from these kids that we get pastors, teachers, nurses, and other servants to work with us.

We thank God that Chemolingot will soon have good classrooms.  The buildings will surely enhance education quality at the orphanage.  We thank God for Pastor Leonard of Kauriong and Simon of Kodich for the spiritual investment they have made in the children in the orphanages.


Well 00Maral has changed name!  It was a day like no other for the Maral area as the people came from the villages.  Traditional songs were composed by every village group to present to the huge gathering of people there to witness the historical moment – the completion of new boreholes!  The elders declared that they no longer wanted to remember the bitter past, but recognize the hand of God that has brought change.  Therefore, the area will now be known as Kanaan because God has blessed the people with water.  As the name of this place is changing, the people are also changing from non-believers to believers!  We preached the Word that gave them eternal water.

The people of Karita, Uganda, are now gathering and listening to the gospel at new borehole sites that are being drilled.  I cannot wait to see how the ten new water boreholes will touch and change lives in Uganda!


Please be in prayer that God will enable us to start additional mission stations in Nyargayta, Akorkeya, Tipeet, and Karita.  These areas are very ripe for harvest!  The word of God really grows well in strategically located mission stations, which include a medical clinic, a church and boreholes.  It allows us to also reach out to the surrounding villages with the hope of adding additional stations.


Please pray for:

– Reuben and Loice in Kapueta, South Sudan

– God to call more laborers to the ministry in Uganda and for POM as a ministry

– Souls to be won through provision of clean water

– God to provide for four mission stations