Crusades for Christ

Crusades are a vital part of our ministry.  They allow us to venture into new areas, take an inventory of the needs there, provide training and assistance for pastors, and develop a plan for planting new churches or establishing ministries to aid villagers.

We held nine crusades in April in the mountains of Congo where pastors and lay leaders work in difficult conditions.

There are no roads in this area, which makes the trip especially grueling.  There are pastors with no Bibles.  If they do have a Bible, it is in poor shape and may be missing several books.  There is a great need for Bibles in this area.

$10 supplies a new Bible

$10 supplies a new Bible

Despite harsh conditions and lack of written Word, God is faithful!  The crusades produced over 1,200 new believers and many others rededicated their lives to Christ.  Over 100 were baptized.  The leaders of churches in the area were so excited and have asked us to organize crusades each quarter.

It is our prayer that these crusades will result in many more churches planted, lives changed, and disciples made.  All so that the cycle of growth and commitment can continue.