We will be taking a team of 12 from Pallisa to Karamoja in late April for a week of training and outreach.

Karamoja is a land with a long history of war and violence. Hostility between tribes, cattle raiding, and distrust run deep in this society. Located in tKaramoja Children revhe northeast corner of Uganda, Karamoja’s population consists mainly of nomadic herders. The region suffers from repeated drought and food insecurity. With a very high rate of malnourished children, many are suffering day after day from hunger and have little access to medical care. While many international organizations are working to help the people of Karamoja, there is still so much that needs to be done.

People of Karamoja: The people are stuck in a cycle of poverty and dependency, and are accustomed to being forgotten. Several tribes, rich in diversity and culture, make up the 1.2 million inhabitants of Karamoja. While many identify themselves as Christians, most still practice their traditional religious beliefs. Widespread illiteracy in the area makes it difficult for the people who accept Christ to actually grow in their understanding of the gospel.

Our 2015 Mission

Faith Evangelism Training

Faith training is one of the greatest evangelism tools that we have and has been used in many of the countries and villages where we have trained. Two years ago we trained a group of 34 Christians in Karamoja in evangelism, one of who, Pastor Tom, started a church under a tree. The church still meets today and Pastor Tom is continuing to help change the lives of the people in this community.

Open Air Crusade/Jchurch under the treeesus Film

Do you remember seeing your first movie on the big screen? Motion pictures on the big screen are a rare privilege in many areas of East Africa. The Jesus film, available in many native dialects and languages, brings the message of the cross and Christianity to the lives of thousands of people. Viewers learn of a God who loves them immeasurably, cares about them, and wants to walk with them daily through their harsh and often challenging existences. As we host screenings of this powerful film, the audiences are fascinated to hear Jesus speaking in their own language!

Children’s Outreach/Humanitarian

A team will be performing school ministry and distributing school materials. They will also visit hospitals and distribute clothes and shoes in the villages.

How you can help

  • Please pray for the team of 12 people that will be going to Karamoja.
  • Please pray for the people of Karamoja that they will be receptive to our teaching.
  • Please make a donation to purchase clothes, shoes, and school materials that will be distributed to the people in Karamoja. Click here to donate or mail a check to Harvesters International Ministries, P.O. Box 22549, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926. Be sure to write Mission Karamoja in the memo section. Our goal is to raise $960 by April 17.

We are looking forward to see what the Lord will do in this mission.

Rev. Samuel Mwesigwa