Phillip Ochieng

philliproseAfter High School, Phillip worked for three years as a school teacher. He then went to India for undergraduate studies in Economics, English Literature and Public Administration. Phillip holds a Masters Degree in Industries and Management. During his time in India Phillip came to know the Lord and attended the Asian Christian Academy in Bangalore South India where he received a Masters in Theology.

Phillip returned to Kenya where he felt the Lord calling him to be a pastor. Phillip is married to Rose and they serve the Lord in Miguri. Together they have three children of their own and operate an orphanage for approximately 25 children. Phillip has a small church with about 20 adults plus many children.

In addition to these two projects, Phillip has a small Christian library which attracts many of the village people and allows him to share the gospel. He also has a small training center at the orphanage that helps to equip the children with a skill when they start out on their own. Some of the skills that Phillip desires to train the children in include furniture making and welding including making metal trunks and stoves.

Phillip has also started a small farm. A portion of the crop is used to feed the children and widows and the balance is sold to help with other expenses. In order to make the operation more efficient, Phillip is praying for a tractor which will eliminate the middle man and open the doors for further agricultural training for the children.