Building the Kingdom by Building a School

In the early stages of their life, Pokot children are looked upon as the hope for the future. By the age of three or four, the girls generally stay at home and learn child care and cooking while the boys are sent to look after the cattle. Traditionally, education was not considered important to the nomadic Pokot. Less than four percent of the Pokot tribe of almost one million is literate. Only two percent of the tribe is gainfully employed.

The Kenyan government introduced free compulsory primary education, but there are not enough schools to handle the influx of students since 2003. Secondary school was not included in the government mandate. Only 10% of students are even eligible for secondary school based on National exams. For those who pass the exams the costs are prohibitive at around $1,200 per year per student without transportation. Children may be assigned to any secondary school in the country – most several hours from their homes and families and for the Pokot there is no public transportation.

Because of the Lord’s provision, the area of Lomut, which is centrally located, will now have a secondary school that eventually will accommodate our thirty plus eligible orphanage children as well as those from the local area. This school will facilitate sharing the Gospel and will stand as a testimony to the love of Christians around the world for those who are in need. The Lomut Secondary School project will change the lives of many children of the Pokot tribe. This school will help to train the future leaders of Kenya.

The school complex was designed and received government approval in 2006. The complex is scheduled to have eight classrooms, and administration block, library, two laboratories, a dining hall and kitchen, initially one dormitory for 120 students and ultimately three dormitories that size, staff housing and a sports field. Currently there are three buildings under construction on the fifty acre plot in Sigor Division of West Pokot. Students have been attending classes for the past year while construction is underway. These three buildings will provide the beginnings of a wonderful complex that will offer these young people a quality Christian education. We are praying for finances to be able to complete the entire complex in the Lord’s time.

Quality teachers are also needed for the school. Some of the former orphanage children who have attended University are returning to help to fill these positions. It is estimated that the school will initially require four teachers at $250 each per month in addition to salaries for the dorm parents and the cooks. As with any project, the people want to know that the school is going to be able to operate once it is completed. As with the additional finances to complete the complex, we would also ask that you would lift up the ongoing operating costs of the school to the Lord.