New Rig an Answer to Prayer

In our fall of 2007 newsletter, you may remember the story of the divine appointment that Harvesters International Missions (HIM) had with Godfrey Kibua ten years ago that led to the purchase of our first water drilling rig. Harvesters, by faith, committed $65,000 for the purchase of this rig, which was old, and in great need of repairs. Through that purchase, the Lord was faithful and He brought water to many Pokot for the first time in their lives.

Five years ago, it became apparent that repairs for this equipment were becoming nearly impossible and the Lord again blessed us with the donation of equipment from the United States. Again, by faith, HIM committed $50,000 to ship the rig and other necessary equipment to Kenya. Although this was also a used rig, it had a lot of life left in it. Since the rig’s arrival in Kenya, the Pokot have dug twenty-seven wells, but now, five years later, as with the first equipment, it is getting harder and harder to find replacement parts and to get repairs accomplished.

We are pleased to give testimony that the Lord has provided $300,000 through individuals, churches and foundations for a brand new drilling rig from India. This rig is capable of drilling much deeper wells that will open new areas for evangelism and it will also drill wells much faster. We have placed an order for this equipment and are excited about what the Lord has provided and how the equipment will be used to share the Living Water with those who have never heard the Gospel.

We praise the Lord for His great provision and for His faithfulness in answering the prayers of His people.