Our Biblical Image

Can you remember back to a time when you were in school and noticed a student who was “inappropriately” dressed? I don’t mean they weren’t wearing the latest fashion trend, but rather they were dirty, tattered and often smelly. The area where I grew up had few children like this, so those who fit this description were greatly ridiculed and were a definite minority.

In most third world countries, however, that description would fit around 90% of the children. These children have nothing and feel rejected and outcast by society. They have little or no hope and no self-esteem. This tugs at the heart strings of our partners in central India, particularly for those in the villages surrounding the large city. The entire focus of their ministry is to show Christ’s love and compassion to these poor children through educating them at no cost, feeding them at least a snack a day, supplying them with uniforms and backpacks at no cost to the family and showing them that they are children of the King of Kings and that they do not have to feel unwanted or unloved.

As part of a New Years outreach, and in an effort to further show the Lord’s love to the children of the Sapera (snake charmers) the ministry travelled to some of the Sapera villages and shared the love of the Lord while conducting a clothing and shoes distribution to these destitute youngsters. This is love in action and captures the attention of the adults, most being Hindu, but restricted from entering the temples because of their caste.

indiaclothesdistributionIt is wonderful how simple gifts of kindness can open the doors for sharing the love of the Lord. There is authenticity in these selfless acts and that authenticity leads to a belief that these children are loved by a heavenly Father who has plans to prosper them and not plans for evil. These children attend school because of our partners who instill faith, hope and love with directions out of their circumstances. These clothes help them to feel like other children and the Gospel message that they receive about God loving all His creation can be accepted as truth.

There are a myriad of ways to show compassion and open the door to the truth for all of our ministry partners. Many churches have approached us with their own plans of how this can be accomplished. We would love to hear from you if you or your church has a vision that we can assist you with the help to bring the truth of the Gospel to the hearts of those who have not heard. GSSK has many needs as do our other partners around the globe – think outside the box and help us to help them to continue their work of evangelism.