Pastors in Need


In an effort to give you a better understanding of the hardships that many of our pastors experience, we would like to introduce you to Pastors “John” who is faithfully serving the Lord in Pakistan. None of the pastors who work with our ministry partner in Pakistan are currently paid – they are obedient to their calling and often undergo great hardship, yet, as this brief biography shares, they are persistent in their struggle to share the Gospel.

Pastor “John” was born in the very small and poor village of Jeongoria. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior early in 1972 and later was baptized by immersion in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He received adult education training in 1973. He taught reading and writing and he spent 5 years with a Pastor in the Gospel field. He also received Bible training in 1981 and 1982. After getting his diploma, he started full time ministry in Narowal city where he has served since 1983.

He has a wife and 5 children – three daughters and two sons. Due to extreme poverty, he could not afford to send his children to college even though they were good students. The owner of the house he lived in kick the family out because “John” could not pay the rent and was 4 months in arrears. It was summer and the rainy season and he was not able to get another house to rent. He took his family and belongings and began to live in trenches. The family lived without any electric fans or other facilities but Pastor “John” did not give up the ministry. His family stood by him through these difficult times.

pakistanpastorsHe currently works in 8 small villages but unfortunately he could not succeed in the city without a Church building/Church ground and cemetery. He still has no home, but during the last three years he has establish a new Church in Shakargrh city that is very close to the Indian border. The ministry has not been able to get a house for worship, and without a Church building or worship place the Church cannot grow. Additionally the law of 295c( blasphemy of prophet Mohammad) makes his life constantly in peril as saying something against Holy Quran/Prophet carries a death.

This is not a unique story, but rather the norm for the majority of pastors in third world countries. There are many pastors and evangelists in the other countries we partner with who also receive no financial compensation for their devoted service to the Lord. We atHarvesters are dependent upon these individuals to be salt and light in places where we, as Westerners would not be able to share. In Luke 10:7 it says, “…the laborer is worthy of his wage.” Our prayer is to be able to show these men the appreciation that we have for their service through being able to give each of them a small wage each month. If this story has touched your heart, please prayerfully considering helping to support a pastor with any amount. Please click here if you are able to help.