CYSC Update February 2011

By His Grace we are all doing well. My wife Anupama has recouping well from her hernia operation. CYSC is committed to doing all that the Lord has placed in our hands – as we have been doing, since my dad -John- started it with just a few spiritual books in a couple of racks in a single tiled room about 15 years back, for youth in our area.

Over the years the Lord has blessed us with more than 5,000 square feet of built-up space and more than 4,000 sq. ft. of open space (on prime commercial property) dedicated to the youth ministry! We associate with over 50 local churches and children Sunday-schools to reach out to the youth and children in our area. At CYSC we attempt to place an emphasis on reaching out to the rural children/youth around Eluru.

Today, we have a well stocked spiritual library of nearly 6000 books donated generously by friends in Boone (especially Mr. Pope – Cornerstone Book Store) and efforts of John (dad).This facility is used by both secular students, bible students and pastors in our area.

cyscsewingcenterWe teach tailoring and embroidery to girl students. CYSC teaches music – singing and playing instruments, and also English language. We have a monthly village gospel outreach program to distribute gospel tracts and stop briefly at different locations sing gospel songs and give brief message to spread the good news around Eluru. Once a month, we also liaise with local and rural churches to gather kids in their area for an evening of gospel songs, message, puppet show/short film etc. and some snacks. CYSC center is also a place where some of the students from secular & professional colleges (medicine and engineering) gather regularly to have their spiritual meetings – we provide them with help and support (books/material, music, PA systems etc.). Some Christian organizations like Gideons, spiritual student youth organizations conduct their meetings in our premises. Few local churches that do not have baptismal water tanks use our facility. Apart from this we have weekly Friday Fasting prayers conducted which is usually attended by about 25 regulars. Each Thursday, we also conduct Senior Bible study taken by an experienced local pastor. We support several students and pastors and senior/widow ladies financially on a regular monthly basis.

The soup-kitchen facility at Eluru for seniors and widows is run 6 days a week, is attended by about 30 ladies. After a morning of devotion and Prayer Lunch is served at the premises and dinner is packed in boxes. By His grace we were able to provide them with new dresses (Sarees) and blankets in December for Christmas. They are blessed and we are too, because they are our prayer warriors. The Lord has placed a burden on my heart (in fall of 2009) to build them a permanent facility – where they can stay at the facility full time. We are praying about this.

The rural Bethesda Clinic at Srirangapuram village needs a regular doctor. At present we take a volunteer doctor from Eluru once a week to do look into the medical needs there and to distribute medicines. We are praying to have retired doctor who can stay at the facility full time and take care of the medical needs at the village and surrounding area.

Thank you for your prayers and support to CYSC, Eluru.

May the Lord bless you all,
With prayers,