Camp + Jesus = Summer Fun

camp revMasha and Alina currently live in a government orphanage in Russia.  Recently, they called Zhanna, our director, asking for her help.  They were being bullied by a boy in the orphanage.  They told Zhanna they had enough and were thinking of running away from the orphanage!  The only good reason they could find to stay was that they knew they were on the list to go back to the Christian camp they attended last year.  Zhanna prayed with them, and a local church youth pastor was able to visit and encourage them.

Masha and Alina’s story is not unusual or unique. There are many orphans that have come to look forward to spending a few days out of their year in a happy, fun-filled environment where they can be renewed while learning more about God!

Your prayers for Masha, Alina, and others like them are appreciated and not taken for granted. God has raised up faithful co-laborers in Russia – Zhanna, house parents, Christian counselors, youth leaders, and pastors are taking the lead and making a tremendous difference.

We would love to be able to send each child to camp, but we are limited by finances.  Will you help?  For only $200, we can give a child hope and a chance to hear about a God who loves them and cares about all their needs. What an opportunity for us!  Visit the Harvesters website at and click donate to help us send these precious children to camp this summer.  Funds are needed by July 1.  If you would like the name and a photo of an orphan to pray for, please email me at [email protected]  Thank you for your prayers and support!