Murgor Wins Election

Julius Murgor Continues His Ministry to the Pokot as a Member of Parliament

Ministry is the act of serving. Serving is to work for or be a servant to. The concept is usually related to some type of religious action or capacity. The life of Jesus is a tremendous example of the concept of service and His death was the penultimate act of service.

For over 20 years, Julius has served his community and countrymen with integrity, honor and energy despite circumstances that would have been the undoing of lesser men. In all that he does, he is resolute to address both the physical and spiritual needs of others.

Through his effort and God’s blessing, Julius has become the Pokot’s advocate to the outside world. He has stood in stark contrast to government and parliamentary officials who have done little to help the underserved community of West Pokot. The people know that he genuinely cares for them and he has selflessly dedicated himself to their betterment through the gospel of Christ.

For a number of years, Julius has resisted community pressure to represent them in the government as their member of parliament. Prayer, church politics and the status of ministry leadership led him to the conclusion that the time was not right for such a step.

As time has passed, the obstacles that had previously kept Julius from putting his name in the hat for MP were removed. Julius has a dedicated and talented team overseeing many of the daily activities of the ministry and church politics are being taken care of through other means.

Therefore, it was with peace of mind and the full blessing of the Harvesters Board of Directors that Julius agreed to seek the post of Member of Parliament for the Kapenguria constituency of West Pokot District. During the Kenyan election season, which is thankfully much shorter than that of the U.S., it wasn’t necessary for Julius to do much campaigning. He is well known in the area as a man of God, integrity and unflappable moral standards.

Elections were held on December 27th. The Presidential election has been widely contested and chaos has broken out across the country. One thing that wasn’t in question was that Julius won his seat by garnering more than 50% more votes than his nearest competitor, Samuel Moroto, the incumbent.

There is no question that he will represent his constituency with the same energy and resolve that he has exerted thus far. Please pray for Julius as he adjusts to his new responsibilities and the nuances of politics. It is believed that his new duties will dovetail nicely with his ministry responsibilities. It is with great anticipation that we surround Julius with prayer and thanksgiving as he moves into a new phase of his ministry serving others.