Hope For Those In Great Need

Our partners in India work among the Cobra people – the lowest caste of Hindu society. Life for families under the caste system is basically locked in – the upper castes are highly respected and have many opportunities while the lower castes are shunned and have no hope of moving up in society.

Through sharing the love of Christ with the Cobra people, many of this caste are beginning to see a God who lives outside the caste system – a compassionate, loving and caring God who believes all people are created equally. This is a hard concept for these people to grasp, but faith in motion is one of the things that is showing Christ to these people.

One story Kamlesh and Ranu shared was about Meena Jaiswal and her family. Meena married in 1994 and her husband worked in a textile mill in the neighboring state of Gujrat. In 1996, they were blessed with a daughter named Megha. Their joy knew no limit when a son (Karan) was born in 1998.

MeenaIndiaIn 2005, tragedy struck the young family when Meena’s husband died suddenly. Their meager saving was spent on his medical care and funeral rites. Meena was left totally helpless with two young children. She returned Ujjain to live with her brother. Meena started doing any odd jobs she could find, but she was struggling to meet the family’s needs.

An old Bible class classmate of Kamlesh and Ranu brought Meena to them. They have been privileged to help Megha and Karan with their tuition, text books, educational materials, clothes and necessities. Megha is in 8th standard and Karan is in 5th. They gave them books of Bible stories and they share the Gospel with them. They are praying that the Lord will bless their efforts as they present the plan of salvation to the children and their mother.

Kamlesh and Ranu have over a hundred children at their first school – Jagat-Jyoti (Light of the World). These children would not have an opportunity for an education if it were not for Kamlesh and Ranu. This ministry supplies these children with clothes, a daily snack, school supplies and healthy meals twice a month. The families of these children are most grateful to Kamlesh and Ranu for the provisions, love and schooling that they receive.

This year, as a special gift to the children, Kamlesh and Ranu had backpacks printed with the name of the school made for all the children. A backpack is something that none of these children had ever had before and from the picture below you can see how much they appreciate what our God has given them. Through the generosity and love of Kamlesh, Ranu and their staff, these children are seeing Christ as a loving and caring God – one that is real in the lives of those who know Him. Please pray for these children that they may break out of the chains of their caste through the love of Christ.