Chemolingot Children’s Home Update

chemolingotchild2We have received great news of God’s powerful work in Chemolingot from Pastor Yusef Losute.

Firstly, The African Inland Church’s Chemolingot Children’s Home has been granted a Certificate of Registration as a Charitable Children’s Institution for a period of 3 years by the Republic of Kenya, Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development which will be renewable.

The congregation of the church was very concerned for the disadvantaged groups of people in the immediate community. The church committee met to discuss and address myriads of problems inside the community. They have chosen these programs to be the beneficiaries of the A.I.C.: Orphans (both single missing parent and both), Neglected Children, Early married girls, and Children of very poor families.

Already achieved activities in the home that are truly worthy of praise are a Boy’s dormitory, a Girl’s Hostel, a dining hall, two pit latrines, and a semi-permanent church-sponsored school with a 3 teacher Service Commission and some volunteer teachers. Additional praise is given for the completion of the orphanage’s borehole solar panel installation and the hand pump at Nyaunyau also being complete. The hard work is paying off as the Church/Children’s Home chapel tiles are now also complete and we are praying for a provision of windows, good chairs, and some final finishing touches.

Just so everyone is up to date on the current activities and goals of the Church, they are now running the semi-permanent school for local and surrounding communities with teachers being sourced by the Teachers Service Commission.

The home is providing formal and vocational education and training respectively to specific target groups. Chemolingot is now preparing a guidance and counseling center that will be instrumental in guiding the locals in a positive Christian manor. The home is also enrolling the children from nearby warring communities and is providing the basic needs for these people. Chemolingot is conducting awareness classes on the importance of group building in a community with the hopes of returning morally upright citizens back to the community.

One of the major impacts the Church/Home has on the community is it’s creating self-reliant citizens because of the acquisition of skills and professionalism. Additionally, the A.I.C. is creating jobs for the community and its neighbors.

Change in the negative attitude of the children and the community at large towards the disadvantages has started to occur by the grace of God. Due to the change in attitudes and enrollment in the program peace has been enhanced among the neighboring communities by the interaction of their children!

The children have now continuously received protection and accessibility to quality education and amazing talent results are already evident. The target groups have given a good challenge to the community for a caring and harmonious relationship between the children which will eventually lead to an increase in the living standards of the entire community.

These children have become the role models to society at large both now and for the future. The A.I.C. Chemolingot congregation values Christian based leadership training for the children’s home and for the young stars to emerge from poverty, go to high school, college, and return home a true and responsible leader. This in turn will influence their home churches, communities and Nations.

With the growth of the Church and Home, come many needs and requests for prayer. One of the main draws to Chemolingot is the water hole. There are woman now traveling 25km for water because the water holes in their communities have dried up.

Clean water is critical to the survival of the ministry. Through people like YOU, our prayer partners, the AIC Chemolingot Children’s Home seeks to address all the obstacles that arise by faith that may hinder or impede the healthy development of the Children’s opportunity to reach their full potential. Many of these barriers stem from such factors as the unsanitary conditions of a child’s home and community environment, occurrences of natural disasters or widespread health epidemics, or issues that directly affect an individual child’s family if there is one, and home life.

There is an obvious need to establish a Child Survival Program which will purely focus on each child’s health growth. If you feel compelled to tithe towards the start of this program please donate and designate your donation accordingly.

Fighting poverty through education is crucial because it plays a significant role in releasing the child from the burdens of finances. An educated child, when equipped with the tools they need, will fight poverty and overcome significant health concerns. Additionally, the school offers a safe, supportive environment for the children to learn life skills and make new friends.

Please pray for fruit from the Kenya Water Trip Team trip. Please pray not only for the provision of safe drinking water but also the hope of giving children protection from life threatening disease through that water.

Also pray that those same children will have the provisions to attend school and to dream and reach their full potential. As we reach out to the world, we should know that we are providing safety and security essentials to God’s people. There is a great need financially for repairs and upgrades to the church/Home.

Pray not only for the supplies and man power but also that all local building codes will be met upon completion. We have a duty to make these repairs and to continue to grow the classrooms. The AIC family is praying for God’s provision in order to offer educational assistance to cover: primary and secondary education fees, costs for pre-university preparation classes and entrance exams, lab, and test fees, in addition to the repairs needed to the current school building.

If you feel compelled to give to the school, please click here and designate your donations accordingly.

We feel so blessed to have God working his wonders in Chemolingot and hope that through your prayers and support that the ministry will be able to continue to grow and produce children who turn into Christians that influence a nation.