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This newsletter is to share the ministry of Good Samaritan Sewa Kendra with supporters, prayer partners and the people of Harvesters International Ministries.

Jeevan Jyoti School in the outskirts of Ujjain has 150 students from pre-nursery to class 8. We have 10 teachers and 2 janitors here.

indiacityschool2012Jagat Jyoti School, in village Kollukhedi (snake charmers village) has 171 students on roll; 10 teachers and 1 Janitor are on the staff. EVERYTHING IS FREE HERE FOR THESE POOR STUDENTS: Free uniforms, footwear, text-books, stationery, exercise note books, sweaters, transportation etc. Because of Anti-Conversion Law in our State of Madhya Pradesh, open evangelism is forbidden. Within the School premises we have prayers. Bible stories and Christian values form important part of of the curriculum. These kids take the gospel to their homes, as they sing and share Bible stories. PRAISE GOD! Twice a month they enjoy sumptous lunch. There is a long list of waiting students. We have enough land ( nearly 4 acres) for additional rooms to take in more students. Law requires that agricultural land be diverted (rezoning) into non-agricultural. We have been in constant touch with the authorities to get the permission for well over a year now – endless letters, answering the questions; and after a few days we face the same questions; this is very frustrating. They know we would take in more students on getting rezoning permit hence the delay. Let us PRAY and bring down the Walls of Jericho!

In this school quite a number of students come from far away villages. So we provide them with free transportation . Two tempos (three wheelers) bring them from their homes to school and then back to their homes on what passes for roads. Accidents could happen anytime. You might remember the endless legal (and medical costs) problems we faced when a student sustained a head injury. We are waiting on the Lord for the urgent need of school bus.

Senior Citizens Outreach: Once in 2 months 17 senior citizens come for worship, chorus singing and sermon by Rev. Ashish John. After spiritual nourishment they enjoy a good dinner. We provide transport to them up and down. They need medical attention every now and then. These folks have a great time sharing their physical and family problems.

Village Worship Services: Our Pastor Rev. Asish John holds Worship Services & Lord’s Supper in 3 villages by turn.THIS IS PERMITTED ONLY INSIDE CHRISTIAN HOMES. Some non-Christian neighbors join. PRAY.

Khushy is in the 5th class, stood second in her class of 68. Kamalesh & Ranu work long hours out in the bush. PRAY for their protection and health. Jacob & Rosie, Ranu’s parents, enjoyed the outdoor work in the bushes for over 40 years. Now they take care of administration and the endless paper work.

May the Lord bless you and your family with the choicest spiritual, physical and material blessings. The fervent prayers of the poor kids most certainly reach the throne of His grace.