Accountants Can Be Missionaries Too

The administrative team at Harvesters International Ministries (HIM) has expanded to four with the addition of veteran board member J. Lucarelli, who stepped out on faith to become full-time as the Lord provides his support.

“I am excited to be able to combine my education and experience in business and missions in my new role at Harvesters,” J. said.

He will continue to serve as the board’s treasurer. He’s also responsible for the development of the quarterly Harvesters Newsletter as well as website design.

When J. accepted the invitation to serve on the board in 1999, he was a recent college graduate with a degree in Accounting and Economics. He has functioned in the business world either as a CPA or chief financial officer since that time, but also added a master’s degree in Intercultural Studies from CIU to his credentials. He studied and worked in 10 European countries as both a student and a member of the staff of the International Business Institute, where he was a program coordinator.

He will receive his master’s in Business Administration in December.

Twelve years ago, he became the youngest man to ever serve on the Board of Directors of Harvesters. Today, he’s a seasoned traveler who has led survey and mission teams to five different countries where Harvesters has ministry partners. He also lived for five months with one of our ministry partners in Kenya where it was typical for him to work one day helping to resolve tribal conflicts and the next day work at establishing a new level of financial accountability for the ministry.

J. already has a close working relationship with Ed Hirshman, Sandi Roach, and Jonathan Lancaster. The Harvesters board, unanimous in its support of J., views this move as “raising the bar” as it relates to the ministry’s accountability and credibility.

As with all of the administrative team, J. will depend on God’s people providing his support. Staff members are not paid from funds designated for pastoral support or ministry projects.

J. put his decision in God’s hands. “I can’t think of a greater privilege or opportunity. Not to say that there won’t be challenges. To think otherwise would be naïve,” he said.

“We have great ministry partners, J. stated, “and I look forward to working with everyone in a greater way to not only tell their story but to working with them to further the kingdom of God. We have a great deal to offer, as well as a great deal to learn.”

Said Ed Hirshman, director of Harvesters, “I thank the Lord for where He has had us, where He has us and excited as to where He may be taking us.”