Great Reunion, Great Visit

In 2010 Harvesters International Ministries was unable to visit our ministry partners Kamlesh and Ranu in North Central India.  We had a group scheduled to visit but due to the country’s holiday at that time they felt that it could be a problem for us so the trip was cancelled.  That was the first annual visit we have missed in over eight years causing all of us to be disappointed very much.  For several years now Kamlesh and Ranu have attempted to obtain U.S. visa’s to visit us in the US but were repeatedly denied.

So in November, 2011 a small group of three was able to visit them and what a joyful reunion it was!  Kamlesh, Ranu and their daughter Khushy were waiting for us at the airport in Indore, India with huge smiles and beautiful flower lays to put around our necks followed with a loving hug.  They were SO happy as we were together again.  Two of the three had visited with them over the years but for one, Will O’Grady, it was his first visit with them.

The one hour drive from Indore to where they minister went by quickly because we each had so much to get caught on and the exchange between them and Will was wonderful as they got to know each other better for the first time.  The other thing that quickened the trip believe it or not was a new smooth highway with no people, cows or Ox carts using it!

Each of our days was used in visiting each of the schools, what a huge difference two years made.  The first visit was to the Cobra village school, what a wonderful improvement from our very first visit from dirty faces and unkept hair to clean sparkly faces written with joy all over them and well groomed hair and beautiful school uniforms.

We had the privilege of presenting each child with a new sweater and the schools logo stitched boldly on the front.  The children then blessed us with Christian songs and poems with the help of their teachers and we then gave each child a banana, a small loaf of bread and a container of milk that put a big smile on each of their faces.  They couldn’t wait for the break to come and flee outside and enjoy the snacks they had received in a spirit of love and appreciation!  Although each of the classrooms were jam-packed, they proudly stood and greeted us as we entered each classroom.  The only student at the eight grade level was a beautiful twelve year old girl that presented each of us with a card she had drawn and colored saying that Jesus Loves You and a different picture on each one.  Academically she is doing exceptional well but Ranu informed us that her parents will not let her continue on in her education and will soon arrange for her to be married.  Please join us in prayer that God will touch and change the parents’ hearts and the Lord will make a financial provision for her to continue her education.

The next day was spent visiting the city school, again what a difference two years has made!  Kamlesh and Ranu were able to make a number of changes to the two school buildings providing them additional space, adding other grade levels and enroll additional children.  We were delighted with performances from each of the grade levels, from toddlers to pre-teen.  Some were dressed in their culture outfits doing a dance, others did skits and many recited scripture verses, poems and songs.  All were well dressed and groomed, very polite and orderly.  It was so evident that Ranu and the staff have poured their heart and spirit into the children and what a great joy it was to be with them!

timewiththeseniorsThat evening we had the honor of visiting with the Seniors Ministry and were greeted with love and joy.  It was evident that this group had become “family” as Ranu ministered to them with a true servant spirit.  The new Pastor who has joined Ranu & Kamlesh in the ministry was with us as well and was so excited doing what the Lord had called him to in reaching some of the distant village house churches on a regular basis.  Kamlesh and Ranu are so thankful for the U.S. prayer and financial support that the Lord has made possible to bless the Seniors and house church ministry.  Please pray with us the Lord of the harvest will raise up other workers to join them in their outreach to that part of the world.

And last but certainly not least, the wonderful fellowship we enjoyed with Doctor’s Rosie and Jacob, Ranu’s parents!  Oh how thankful I am that the Lord has brought these two saints across my path in this lifetime.  I am truly blessed to have had another opportunity to be in fellowship with them and witness their love for God.  As medical doctors they could have worked and lived very well in any part of the world but followed the Lord’s calling to reach the poorest of the poor in one of the most spiritually dark places of the world!  God has used them in a very wonderful way and to see their children now carrying on what the Lord has started has been their greatest blessing.  They give God all the praise, glory and honor each and every day of their life with thanksgiving.  Doctors Rosie, Jacob and Ranu and Kamlesh send their love and ask that you please, please remember them in prayer.