Kerith Ministry Update

Kerith Ministry aims to reach vulnerable communities in Pallisa, Uganda, and the surrounding areas through evangelism and church planting, orphan care, education, and SIP_0760 revhealth care support.

Through River of God Church, we provide numerous opportunities for discipleship.  We regularly conduct Bible studies for both men’s and women’s groups.  We also hold specialized conferences including marriage conferences and an annual spiritual emphasis conference.  The theme of the 2015 conference was “Empowerment of the Holy Spirit”, and the conference attracted almost 800 people.  We routinely travel to different communities to hold evangelistic rallies and continue to have large turnouts of people who want to learn more about Jesus.  This opens the door for planting new churches.

We recently completed construction of a new health center.  Not only do we provide medical care, we also conduct community health awareness sessions, mobile clinics and immunizations, and deliver home-based care.  In a community that is plagued by HIV/AIDS, having easily accessible medical care is vital.

Kerith’s orphanage provides 26 children with medical care, food and shelter, clothing, and an education.  They are loved by two foster parents who work tirelessly to ensure they have what they need to succeed.   We recently completed a poultry project at the orphanage that will provide an additional food source for the children.

Super Saturday is one of our programs that reaches out to all children in the area to build their social and spiritual lives.  The program also includes a nutritious meal.  Because of this, we have seen tremendous health changes in the children in the reduction of malnutrition and the addition of body weight.  Approximately 400 children attend each week.

We ask that you pray for us as we determine the best ways to serve our Lord and our community.