Sion Assembly Church – Ministry Update

By Rajendra Kumar

Thank you for your support of our ministry. We have had an eventful year here in India with two new churches planted, the addition of new programs for assisting people affected by leprosy and AIDs, and the opening of a satellite campus of the North Carolina Theological Seminary (NCTS).

In September, we began training pastors, evangelists, and church leaders through NCTS. Almost 160 men and women from two different states travel to our facilities for two days twice a month to receive training that will culminate in a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies. Meals and lodging are provided during these intense training sessions. Some of our first class are pictured here. We ask that you pray for these servants and their families as they pursue God’s call on their lives.

Our children’s home is attached to our church building in Vellaturu. Our desire is to give abandoned and orphaned children a chance at life – both physical and spiritual. We embrace them with the love of Jesus! Not only do we provide their basic necessities of food, shelter, clothing, we also provide for their education. In 2017, we began holding classes on the roof of the children’s home. This year, we are planning to begin construction of a school building. We hope to provide an English speaking school for those in the children’s home, as well as children in the community.

We ask that you pray for the construction of the school. Also, please pray for Rufus, the son of Pastor Venket, who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.