Note From Our Director

Authentic love leads to action. It’s more than just a passive acknowledgement of need or a brief thought about what ought to be done. In several verses, God’s Word defines genuine love in terms of how it reacts to needs, with right attitudes mixed with helpful responses. That’s the kind of love that led Christ to offer Himself for the redemption of us all.

That’s also the sort of love that leads people like you to share their financial resources with ministries like Harvesters International and our partners in Asia and Africa. Your gifts result in the spiritual and material needs of countless people being met in the name of Christ, accomplishing the end result of the kind of love that is described in the Bible.

Everyone at Harvesters looks forward to the future, with a great sense of both calling and urgency to continue sharing the love that changed our own lives. God has blessed us with a great means of doing so through our work to support and encourage national missionaries. We are thankful that you have chosen to be part of that effort as well, through your prayers and giving.

Blessings & Thanks,
Doug Radford