China Sees Update

The China Sees ministry began their partnership with Harvesters in January 2015.  In that time, they have made significant strides in growing both their ministry and the lay leaders.

The countryside ministry addresses the leadership needs of a rural house church network.  Their focus is to equip their leadership to self-sufficiently conduct the work of the ministry.  The primary vehicle for achieving this goal is a “lay seminary”, which teaches Bible exposition skills, basic theological doctrines, Bible survey, expository preaching, and fundamentals of evangelism.  One class has graduated with two others in progress.


The cityside ministry is the complete opposite of the countryside group in every way.  Here, the couple is more focused on serving a group of house churches or “club”.  House churches are growing exponentially and are in desperate need of additional leadership!  The primary initiatives with the cityside ministry are:

Club Governance:  The couple is leading the club through a study of eldership, which will culminate in the selection and appointment of their first elders.

Expository Preaching:  This is an ongoing effort to train the club’s internal leaders to regularly staff the pulpit.  Previously they leaned on outside speakers with little continuity or content control.  Three men have completed a full year of study and now carry the preaching load. The couple had just begun working with an additional three men to help with this task.

Small Groups:  The couple will begin a pilot program to repurpose the weekly message into a discussion guide for small groups.  The club has a vibrant small group program, but struggles with staffing the leadership and preparing the lessons.    This program will allow leaders to focus caring and fellowship while still conducting a quality Bible study focused on going deeper and applying the prior week’s pulpit message.  Caring for and ministerinf to small group leaders is a big challenge and major focus for 2015.

Biblical Caring:  During 2015, Mrs. Jones trained almost 30 people in Blblical Counseling.  This was a significant undertaking starting from ground zero!  The goal for 2016 is to deploy these people into the small group network to provide counseling and support.

Please pray for the health and safety of this couple as they continue to seek God’s will in expanding their ministry.