Growing Among Muslims

ompThere are days when the struggles of ministry in a Muslim country seem so hard, and that there is so little fruit and so much persecution, but as I reflect on the past few months I see that the Lord has truly been at work here in Pakistan and has been using our ministry in a mighty way. When you look at short periods of time it seems like God is still, but as I write of the many things He is doing, I am amazed at how we are growing. Here are some of the things the Lord has been doing:

  • We have ordained a new minister
  • We have planted a new church
  • My son is pastoring a church that is in the process of constructing a new building that is   62 x 16.
  • When funding for the above church was exhausted and elder of the church sold a very valuable gold chain to assist with finishing the building
  • An infant who was born with no sight is now, after prayer, having some vision
  • Two of our pastors have held baptisms for new believers

The fruits of ministry sometimes are assumed and we need our eyes opened to how He is working even in an area where we are a minority. Each soul brought to the Kingdom is a gift and we know that the angels are rejoicing. Please join with us in prayer and praise for how the ministry is being used to further that Kingdom.