Kenya Work Team

pomteamEach year Harvesters sends a work team into different parts of Africa. Most recently those teams have been focused on the needs of the Pokot Tribe of Northwestern Kenya. This years’ team, unlike most in the past, moved around a great deal with their focus being the needs of the orphans. They visited all the Pokot orphanages as well as the Lomut Secondary School located between East and West Pokot where some of the orphans are currently attending school.

The last orphanage visited was the Kodich orphanage in the mountains near the Uganda border. Last year, one of the work teams had installed drip irrigation on the property and helped them to plant a garden to help to feed the orphans. The report back from the team was that garden had grown to occupy most of the field and that it was being used to train some of the children in agricultural techniques. The headmaster, Yonna, has been very instrumental in advancing the work and helping the children and the community to see the great blessing this project has been.

The team had put Kodich off as the final stop as many of the students were competing in a national music competition. The group was the defending national champions and again walked away with first place honors. The team was able to catch up with the students in Nakuru where they were performing for the minister of education to determine who would be able to do a presentation before the President. The team reported that the quality of the presentations by Kodich was far superior to any of the other groups performing – they were much more polished and confident in their approach.

The other thing the team accomplished was to update biographies on orphans, and they will be adding and additional 26 children to the NoChild child sponsorship program when they return. Harvesters has also added several orphans from The Democratic Republic of Congo to our web site which will be increased after the medical team returns in the Fall.