Behind the Scenes

By Fred Hughes

The exciting part about an organization that focuses on mission work in foreign countries is generally a two-letter word – GO.

But, there would not be any going at all if Harvesters International Ministries did not have a few dedicated staff members. And they are few – three to be exact – and they’re not all full time, at least not yet.

We are excited to announce that a veteran member of the Board of Directors, who is a CPA and a frequent visitor to our partners in Asia and Africa, has announced his calling to become the fourth member of our administrative team, joining Ed Hirshman, Sandi Roach, and Jonathan Lancaster. There will be more about this development in a later report.

In light of the small staff, it’s difficult to grasp the growth of the ministry, especially with respect to our annual budget and the number of ministry partners. God is still in the business of miracles. We have seen God work over and over with our own eyes.

Increasing our staff was a “God thing.” The Lord moved in the life of a board member, and that board member responded. His obedience effectively “raises the bar” as it relates to Harvesters and what the Lord has called Harvesters to do.

Each time the board meets, I am amazed at how God takes a little and turns it into a lot. I am awed at the Board’s spirit of unity. I recognize that there’s nothing magic about Harvesters’ effectiveness, other than the Board and the small staff place complete reliance on the Lord.

By bringing churches together with indigenous missionaries from around the world, Harvesters helps local congregations support meaningful and lasting change in even the most remote areas of Planet Earth. Here’s where God has us working the harvest as of today:


  • Pokot Outreach Ministries: Pastor Julius Murgor and his wife, Rachel, are parents of four children.
  • Grace Outreach Mission: Pastor Phillip Ochieng and his wife, Rose, are parents of four children.
  • UEBaptistGoma: Rev. Athanase Habimana and his wife, Rachel, have seven children.
  • To Africa with Love Ministry: Pastor Samuel Mwesigwa and his wife, Mercy, have one child.


  • Good Samaritan Sewa Kendra: Kamlesh and Ranu Bairwa have one child.
  • Fellowship Bible Church Myanmar Mission: Pastor Hung Ling and his wife, Biak, have four children.
  • Outreach Ministry Pakistan: Pastor Bashir Bhatti and his wife, Rafhide, have four children.
  • Christian Youth Service Center: Edwin Kancherla and his mother, Esther Kancherla.