To Africa With Love – January newsletter

Calvary Greetings from Pallisa Uganda and Happy New Year,

churchserviceWhat a fellowship we have in Jesus Christ and the Joy of Serving Him and making Him known. This Newsletter comes with many Positive Changes here in Pallisa and way forward for 2012. Thank you so much for your continued support as we seek to spread the Gospel; Changing and saving lives. To Africa with Love ministry was over whelmed by Gods move in the last 4 month of 2011.

My Family: My wife Mercy, Don , John Mark and I we continue to count it a blessing to serve Him here in Pallisa and we are amazed to see what God is doing through us. We thank you so much for your Love and prayers. Our Son Don was invited by my Parents for Christmas and he is enjoying his visit. We are all Health and still focused on our mission.

Kerith Children’s Home: 18 months ago God spoke to my wife to save the lives of those children that are hopeless. Because of my experience with such a ministry I never supported her, but as we kept praying I too felt God was leading us to do it. April 2010 we started with 13 Children with no sponsors but trusting God each day until God connected us with Harvesters International who started supporting a Monthly support to feed and pay the house rent.  Early November God answered our prayers by proving all our 13 Children with Sponsors’. Their Sponsorship will help in meeting School fees, feeding, health and house rent.

RIVER OF GOD CHURCH/ EVANGLISIM: Wow, so amazing to see what God is doing down here through this ministry. Our Church is committed to Soul Winning as our number one priority and for sure the Lord is saving people to himself, We are involved in House to House visitation through a FAITH program, Hospital ministry, Children’s Clubs, Street Evangelism, Missions and Open Air Crusades. Through our 4 month Evangelism Campaign we registered 1,432 People who came to Lord in 13 different Villages around Pallisa, We have so far Baptized 173 People in our Church among those 68 where former Muslims, and every Sunday we Baptize 3 or more people. This campaign created awareness, boldness and Spiritual revival in our land. Good news is that, the Muslim communities have risen up to send threatening massages to me, but I will not stop speaking to Truth. Our church as grown to 246 members adults and 100 plus children every Sunday.

FEEDING PROGRAM: Every Sunday we feed more than 100 children with both Spiritual and physical food. This is a blessing to see our children eating and experiencing the Love of Christ through this. We are currently not feeding other children in other Villages due to funds; we pray that God touches some one to save and provide a meal to a dying child.

RIVER OF GOD NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL: Two years ago we responded to the great need of our children in Church and the community who where not going to School, we started with 26 children and by the end of last year we had 46 children and only 11 where paying School fees. Last year the Lord blessed us with a family that did a ground breaking for the permanent School structure and since then the construction project grew from 2 Class rooms to 6 now plus offices and modern flush toilets. Our burden is to help vulnerable children that can’t access school with quality education and Christ centered classes. God has blessed and we have been able to roof all the building, we now trust God to fix doors, windows and the floor. Our urgent need now is the dhildren’s desks where they sit and write; we need 80 of them and they will cost us $1.700.00 Dollars. We are also going to provide free education to 50 vulnerable children in our first phase. The School is also going to be our main door of Evangelism to our community.

CLEAN WATER: We thank God who provided us with a shallow well (Hand pump) which as provided good clean drinking water to the community. But the demand is too high for clean water in most of the Villages were we do Evangelism. We are saving lives by providing clean water to our needy communities.

FAITH BIBLE SCHOOL: The Bible School has become an eye opener and Spiritual impartation to the Pastors and leaders to attend; we have now 16 Students doing a Diploma Program. In March this year we are developing a Certificate Program. Our lectures are conducted during School Holidays. We still need many volunteers who may want to change many lives through these ministris. Also we call on many people to be on board so we can train Many Leaders.

Our Currents most needs.

  1. Buying Desks for our Children in the School $1.700.00 dollars
  2. Transport, we are still Trusting God for $18,000 dollars to buy a strong Van that will help us in advancing the Kingdom of God also in local and international Missions.
  3. Digging Wells in our neighboring Villages, please you can contact HIM for more information.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for my family as we continue to fulfill our Call here in Pallisa and God’s provision, we have some financial challenges as we grow.
  2. Pray for our Ministry Activities and financial break through in accomplishing the vision.
  3. Pray for all our children and sponsors.
  4. Pray for my life as I continue to be threatened by Radical Muslims.

We want to thank you so much for your continued love and support towards our Ministry. Please be assured of our prayers and commitment to use all the funds for their purpose.

Pastor Samuel and Mercy Mwesigwa
Director To Africa with Love Min.