From the Field-Pokot Outreach

Greetings in the Name of our Lord.

We are doing well in Pokot and as a family, we are doing well. Josephine and Rebecca in boarding school are doing well. It is hard to believe that Josephine is in 8th Grade and looking like she is 16 years old yet she just turned 14 in September.

Rebecca went to join RVA (Rift Valley Academy) in August. I thought she would hang on to Josephine like a baby, but she has surprised all of us because she is very independent and has made her own friends.

Her dorm parents told me that she is well liked and loved by the other girls and does her class work well, even though she talks very little.

Jumboy and Miriam are the two little ones left with us at home. The going away of the two older ones has improved the relationship between Jumboy and Miriam who normally play rough on each other. Now that they don’t have any other playmates at home, they have learned to like each other.

Rachel is doing well and her Bible study groups on Tuesdays and Saturdays are growing well. I have been busy traveling, preaching, counseling and visiting new areas for the purpose of Church planting and evangelism.

Church Planting and Evangelism

Julius Kaprech, our head of evangelism, and Solomon Amanikor, pastor of the church at Kauriong, went to school in September. They went to my former school the Kenya Highlands College in Kericho. Both of them are studying theology which will take them four years. But as always, God has others to replace.

Peter Siwa will fill the position of evangelism. Last week he led our evangelistic campaign team to Korokou where they had a whole week of preaching and teaching to over 500 people. 160 came forward to receive the Lord.

Among those who received the Lord include cattle raid leaders who have led raids in Uganda and have been regarded as heroes by the tribesmen.

The power of the gospel was felt and realized so much that witch doctors gave up their false practices and accepted the Lord.

When others saw what the Lord had done to the witch doctors, fear gripped them as to what is happening and they also surrendered to the Lord.

Part of an errant group of Uganda Army from the Karamojong tribe in Uganda raided Kahewani-Karito area in September killing two of our church members and wounding one. That even caused a lot of problems to our church congregations in the area, moving back and forth to safe places.

Medical Services

Our clinics are busy giving both the word and medical services to very needy areas of Pokot where there are no doctors. Areas like Nyakwala, Nyaunyau and many others have never set an eye on a physician apart from what we are doing.

God has been faithful and has seen us through very dangerous emergencies like child birth complication and a malaria outbreak in the months of June, July and August this year.

It has been a challenge, however, to take these services to the people because of very limited funding to buy medicine, to pay monthly allowance to the growing staff and other expenditure.

We recently received a helping hand through the October medical team led by Ed Hirshman. The testimonies we receive now are so encouraging and giving glory to the name of our Lord.

Then we were in Lomut area for four days. Many people felt touched by the relational love from the team and God in bringing the team and making it possible for them to bring medicine.

Water Drilling

We have had mechanical problems with our drilling machine. It breaks down and it is difficult to replace because it is old and parts are not readily available. Please pray that God will provide the $135,000 still needed for the new equipment. Likewise, join me in giving praise for the $125,000 that has already been donated.

This year alone we will be able to drill 10 holes if the machine mechanically holds up together.

There are many other areas that still need water. Masol where Ed and I were treating and distributing medicine is known for bee stings that have claimed a lot of lives, especially children. When the bees cannot find water, they seek out any moisture possible, which often results in the bees attacking humans and animals.


Chemolingot, our third orphanage, is being finished and the children are ready to “come home”. This home will address the homelessness and hopelessness that the children in the East are facing.

It is becoming a great challenge for us to care for the children in Kauriong & Kodich Orphanages. Food, maintenance, staff allowances and clothing are becoming a challenging expectation to be met every day.

Right now we need $10,000 to clear up for previous supplies and be able to keep up and about $5,000 for teachers and staff allowances.

We are very thankful to those of you who have shipped clothing, pencils and notebooks that will help us up to the end of this year.

The other part of orphanage that continues to be a challenge is paying fees for those in secondary school and those in colleges and universities.

I have had to go to Ed. again and again trying to keep the students in schools. We however thank God for them because our tomorrow with them will be better than today without them. The community and Pokot society has built a lot of trust and confidence in them.

May God so richly bless you in abundance,
Julius Murgor