Kauriong Orphanage

Psalm 68:5 “A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in his holy habitation.”

War has raged for decades along the northwestern border of Kenya. This was is a result of tribal conflict and recent famines. The bows and arrows of the past are being replaced with guns and casualties have escalated. There are many facets of the war – water, food, cattle and survival. The most recent conflicts are over livestock raids with the tribes along the eastern border of Uganda. The death rate has soared and with it the number of fatherless children.

In the early days of Pokot Outreach Ministries (POM), Julius Murgor, our Kenyan mission’s partner, recognized the need of these desperate children and an orphanage at Kauriong, near the Uganda border, was established. This orphanage has continued to grow over the years, and in 2007 six staff loved and cared for 250 children through nutritious meals and housing as well as daily chapels and discipleship. As these children have grown, it is wonderful to see how they have matured into leadership roles within the ministry and many have enrolled in Bible College, nursing programs and even law school.

These children do not take the opportunity of receiving an education lightly nor do they take for granted the clean drinking water, solar power or food they receive. In a measure of appreciation the children wrote, and had Julius translate, the following thank you to Harvesters International Missions.

The Harvester’s Harvest

Let us sing of the group we love

In our hearts we cherish Harvesters

With our lips we praise them

While our hands cling to their title

Christ Harvesters

Through our coordinator Murgor we thank you all.

As a good shepherd the Harvesters no exception

Duty-minded he is

Personal desires exist not in our coordinator Murgor.

With a rational mind and a patient ear

You provided us with a sewing machine for our uniforms

Now we shine

Through our coordinator Murgor we thank you all.

Shining in the dead silent night because of the solar in our hostels

Making our studies easy.

Was it not out there, the land of the weary?

Oh the land of the lost hope you came to our rescue?

By providing the four stolen solar panels

And the switch

Now we drink clean water

Through our coordinator Murgor we thank you all.

And with joy immeasurable you are ours to love.

For the forty bags of maize and two bags of beans you bought for us.

For the two camels you bought for us.

Milk we shall drink as soon as mother Maziwa will give birth.

Through our coordinator Murgor we thank you all.

You embraced us to yourself and made us your own.

In your love and care, that preciously adorable love!

Like a mother humming bird

You have nestled us with mattresses and blankets.

We know now for the fact that you are ours to cherish

And we are yours for the asking ever.

You are ours – never shall we forget!

Through our coordinator Murgor we thank you all.

Like a charged battery you are strong and useful!

Our motherland appreciates your strong and devoted services.

Long life to the Harvesters.

Remain the light and the salt of the world.

In dedication and determination

Continue to be fishers of men.

The Word of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our future depends on you, The people of God.

Thank you.

These children may have lost their earthly fathers, but they are thriving under the care of their heavenly Father.