Casting Our Nets

crusade hands raisedI am so glad to share with you what the Lord has been doing in our evangelism outreach during the past few months here in Pallisa and other places.  It has been our joy to share the love of God to people through our evangelism efforts.  Jesus often used real life stories to teach the people who gathered around him.  With compassion, He related to the needs of people.  Jesus worked incredible miracles – miracles of healing, provision, and deliverance.  In the same way, our ministry has responded to the great commission in Matthew 28.  Over time, our ministry has seen thousands of people respond to the call of salvation.  Our God is an awesome God!

As a church, we believe that evangelism must always lead.  This is a central truth I have practiced everywhere.  I, the evangelist, bring my nets and borrow the nets of the local churches, and together we cast our nets into the human ocean.  The Holy Spirit will pull them to Himself.  I strongly believe there is an urgency in my heart and in the ministry to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in the most Muslim-populated areas and unreached communities of Uganda.

During a week-long crusade in Pallisa, 362 people accepted Christ!  These new believers will receive discipleship through River of God Church and other churches that have been planted in their communities.  Yusuf, a former Muslim, had for many years heard the gospel, and he finally got saved during this crusade.  He is now free from the bondage of pornography and chooses instead to study his Bible.  He is receiving discipleship in our church.  I am thrilled to see how the Lord is working!

Our most recent evangelism campaign was in Karamoja, which is located in northeastern corner of Uganda.  Karamoja is one of the unreached communities that still practices ancient traditional religious beliefs.  There is widespread illiteracy, making it difficult for the people that do accept Christ to grow in their faith and understanding of the gospel.

During the week-long campaign, we reached out to four villages including the largest village in East Africa called Nakaperumoru, which is estimated to have between 20,000 and 30,000 people.  A team of 15 people held open-air crusades, visited people in their homes, and distributed clothing to children and medical supplies to the hospital.  During the open-air meetings, 276 gave their lives to Christ.  We conducted two discipleship classes to help lay leaders minister to these new Christians.  The Lord has laid this group of people strongly on my heart to continue to evangelize, disciple, and plant churches.

I am so thankful to the faithful believers who have supported us financially and in prayer to bring the harvest of souls in the Kingdom.  Please continue to pray as we focus our efforts on planting and supporting new churches in the unreached villages of Uganda.

Living Testimony – During our last visit to Karamoja last year, we visited with several families.  One had lost all its Karamojaproperty including the house due to a fire.  We counseled the family and prayed with them and encouraged them that God loved them and would take care of their needs.  In our visit last week, we visited the family again.  They greeted us with big smiles on their faces!  The Lord had enables them to build another house and a child that had run away returned home.  They are now filled with joy and they continue to thank God!