Pokot Outreach Ministries – Kenya Update

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for our ministry to the Pokot people of Kenya!

Peter Siwa and a team of our preachers had a truly amazing year!  After a mass killing between the Pokot and Turkana tribes that took over 200 lives, the two communities have decided that there has been enough bloodshed and have agreed to uphold peace.  We have held peace meetings and organized soccer matches to bring the two communities together and to share the good news of Christ.  As a result, there have been seven new churches planted in this region!

SIP_8703We continue to add clean water wells throughout Pokot villages.  One of the most common statements we hear is: “This water is like blood transfused to a sick person who needs blood”.  It’s miraculous to see the change in the health and wellbeing of villagers as the clean water begins to stamp out waterborne diseases like thophoid and cholera.  Women are saved from hours of walking to find water, as well as the physical burden of carrying the heavy weight.  Spiritually, boreholes have played a major role in church planting as people will settle and build new villages adjacent to the wells.  The meetings we hold in villages when surveying drilling sites and turning over boreholes give us the opportunity to expose the people to the gospel.

We continue to see the tide turning against FGM as we continue our education on the dangers of this horrendous practice.  When we first started this campain, many thought we were out of our minds.  But now, we are seeing increased support from some of our country’s elected leaders.  Girls are seeking refuge with us as they flee their villages looking for protection from FGM and forced marriages.  We continue to hold training for tribal leaders, women and men, and church leaders.  We also recognize and reward those that stand against the practice.

These are some of the ways that you can pray us:

– That God will use physical water to open the eyes of the Pokot to see the spiritual water.

– That God will bring more people to be trained in our training center

– That God will provide the $70,000 needed to establish a mission station in Uganda

– That peace will come to South Sudan, and that people will come to the the Lord and more churches will be established.