Pokot Ministry Update

Dear Prayer Partners,

Greetings from my trip between Kenya and the US! Kenya was good when I left in mid March, but is still in a general election mood. I was running for senate, which I lost to a lot of money being poured by former president sponsoring my opponent.

As a family, we sought God’s will for the senatorial seat that win or lose we wanted to be God’s will. Therefore, we take it that God wants us to fully concentrate on the ministry. Of course, God gave me an opportunity in the government to witness to the congressmen and I was made the Bishop of Parliament.

The nest for us is periodically empty except for my wife Rachel who is warming it up for us when we go back to it. Josephine is doing well in college at Rochester College in Michigan. She went home to Kenya in December and plans to stay in school in summer trying to work to meet some of the financial expenses. Pray for us on the financial needs of our children both Josephine and the other three in boarding school. Rebecca is doing fine both academically and also in athletics. Miriam is keeping with music. Jumboy (Jared) is a fan of soccer, especially Manchester United. Rachel continues teaching the word to women groups on Tuesdays and Saturdays in addition to teaching third graders.


The Women and Youth Conferences of August and December gave our ministry a lot of spiritual uplift. Karita, Naparokoscha and Kalowani area in Uganda are full of evangelistic activities as a result of the conferences headed by Peter Ngoleruk. Peter Siwa, who used to be a leader of cattle raiders and killing whoever crossed his path, headed the direction of Turkwel, Kaptolomwo, Kasey, and Korpu area. I had the opportunity to speak in their huge final meeting two weeks ago where a good number of people came to the Lord.

Between the Pokots and Turkanas are the East Pokot who constantly kill each other over water, grazing land, and resources in general have found a solution in the Word of God. The inward changing of the Gospel has made Ugandan government recognize POM for this and have invited us to take over schools that they have established with preaching of the gospel.


pokot update2Kodich orphanage did not do too well on the national exam of last year, 2012. That made it necessary for the head teacher, Yona, to be replaced by Mark Lolem. We have several students going to secondary school from Kauriong orphanage. Spiritually, pastors Solomon in Kauriong and Simon in Kodich continue to lead the kids to Christ, which establishes good character and discipline in the lives of the young people.

We are grateful for the ladies programs in Kodich and Kauriong that as they do the projects they have, there is teachings of the Word of God. Along side with it is the Anti FGM (female genital mutilation) headed by Rebecca at the office. Girls will benefit from this program in an area in which female circumcision is very high and results in many girls marrying at an early age.

Chemolingot orphanage is doing well. Our older kids still go to a nearby elementary school but we hope that we will grow the kindergarten school we just started recently.


God has given us a lot of success in water drilling and it has become a very effective tool in the ministry. The process of drilling water gathers people together in unbelief that water would actually gush out of a dry ground, so they come to see it for themselves. As water comes out of the hole, there is an acknowledgment that God has had mercy on the particular village where the borehole is. In the past two months, we have drilled twelve boreholes and we have succeeded in all of them except two.

I was recently in Losam, an area that generally has no source of water. After being given a bowl of water to clean my face in the morning, I took the first scoop in my hand and put on my face, by the time I went for a second scoop, the bowl was filled up with bees and some were on my hands and I knew that the next would be my wet face, so I took off without completing my morning cleaning.

One borehole accomplishes so much:

-Settles people near the well

-Makes it possible to establish a healthy church

-Makes it possible to establish a school

-Provides rest for the women who no longer have to walk long distances looking for water

-Helps reduce miscarriages on pregnant women

-Reduces the conflict among neighbors

-Provides clean drinking water for the people

-Helps improve the health of the people by cutting down typhoid and other waterborne diseases

Pray that God will provide for this effective tool in our ministry. Thank you for your faithful support, which is such an encouragement to me.